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Birthday celebrations are an age old custom. Though in ancient times People didn’t know the exact date of their birth. They used to predict their birthday using the moon and the season. With the advancement in the world and the development of calendars, people can now know the exact date of their birthday. Initially people used to mark their birthdays on calendar.

Many of the prevailing birthday customs, are inherited from our ancestors.  There are many different explanations to, where these customs started from. According to a few, the custom of cake cutting on birthday, is inherited from the Greeks. They had a custom to present the cake to the goddess of the moon, also known as Goddess Artemis. The round cakes were gifted to the Goddess, to signify the full moon. Some other says that this tradition started in Germany. This all started with a bread made in the shape of baby Jesus’s sheathing clothes. Geburtstagorten, a much sweeter layered cake was made for birthdays.

Another custom, we still follow, is of placing candles on the cake. This birthday tradition is also said to have been inherited from Greek. The Greek people used to place a candle on the cake, they would take to temple to present it to Goddess Artemis. According to them the candle made the cake look like a glowing moon. The Germans also used candles on cakes. These people were known as virtuous candle fabricators, and soon they started making small candles for cakes. Placing the candles on cake also had a religious significance, as it signifies positivity and light. Big candle was sometimes placed in the middle of the cake.

Later on the trend of throwing birthday parties started. They were initially organised because as per ancient people the wicked spirits would come to them on their birthdays, so they stayed close to their family and friends, so that the spirits would not bother them.

With the start of birthday parties, there arose the need of birthday invites. Birthday invites have been expected to start during prolific early civilizations. The early Chinese and Egyptians celebrated main occasions, by exchanging paper greeting cards with each other, similar to the present day birthday invitation.

The Industrial Revolution led to the introduction of Indian birthday invites. With the advancement in printing technology, bulk yield of stationery was made possible. These great advancements led to the increasing passion for birthday cards among masses.

After World War I, the printing of colored birthday invitations became common. Though these awesome birthday cards were born in ancient civilizations, but even today blowing out candles without a fashionable birthday invitation card nearby seems incomplete!

Though there are few common birthday celebration practises followed throughout the world. Still many countries have some unique customs and traditions. Here are some unique customs followed in different countries:

  1. Canada: nose smear

In some parts of Canada, the  noses of birthday boys and girls are greased with butter, to evade any bad luck.

  1. China: lengthy noodles for long life

In china, the birthday boys and girls are made to eat a plate full of long noodles, for their long life. It also states that they have to slurp the noodles before biting them.

3. Ireland: smash the deck

The birthday kid is held upside down and is jolted on the floor. He/she gets the bounces equal to his/her age in addition to one that is meant for good luck.

4. Jamaica: coating with flour

Like many of us, celebrate birthdays in hostels, Jamaicans also believe in celebrating birthdays in a similar way, by coating the birthday boy or girls with flour .

5. Mexico: piñata filled with candy

Mexicans have their own unique way of celebrating birthday. The birthday boy or girl is blindfolded and is given a broomstick to smash the birthday piñata filled with sweets and candies.

6. Vietnam: birthday or a new year

In Vietnam everyone celebrates their birthdays on New Year day. They believe that they grow a year older on every new year rather than on their specific birthday date.

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