Starry Arangetram Rangapravesam Invitations highlights the shiny event

Arangethram Rangapravesam

Arangetram (Rangapravesam), the dictionary meaning is stage performance by a dancer after completing the formal training. It is an age old tradition where a student does a debut performance after completion of formal training in Indian classical dance or music. Displaying the hard work and dedication it is a final test of both the teacher and the student exhibiting the art of perfection clubbed with years of disciplined practise. It also is a pathway and the indication that the student has acquired all the skills to become a teacher called a Guru and can pass the similar training to next generation of aspiring learners (shishya) of the art.

Arangetram (Rangapravesam) is a Tamil word, if broken down the word arangam represents stage and etram depicts climbing or reaching the stage. It is basically a formal graduation ceremony where the teacher presents his pupil to the public. Traditionally used for Bharatnatyam graduation ceremonies, but recently they have gained popularity amongst other forms of Indian classical styles like Kathakali, Kathak, Manipuri and even vocal instruments like ghatam, violin, sitar, mridangam etc.


Planning a Arangetram (Rangapravesam)

As simple as it sounds, organising this ceremony involves a lot of detailing. It involves the entire set up including the parents, the student, the teacher and the academy. In earlier days, the entire ceremony depicted the simplicity in design focusing more on dance form rather than on the entire event. Today its face has changed, it has become a huge event that involves a lot of planning, hiring of an event management agencies etc. Being a formal stamp to step out in the world of art alone, it requires an enormous dedication by the student, parent and the teacher.

Its planning calendar involves:

  • Discussion with teacher regarding readiness of the student
  • Will the student be performing alone or in the group?
  • Set an approximate date
  • Make space reservations
  • Set the stage with respect to decoration music, light etc
  • Decide the costume and jewellery

There is a lot of in depth detailing that goes into preplanning and final show of Arangetram (Rangapravesam).   One of the most important aspects always remains is getting an Arangetram invitation designed.  It is a moment all parents eagerly await, as it details the performance of their loved ones in a formal written note. For most it is as precious as a report card and they treasure it for life.

These invitations puts the spotlight on the students explaining the skills they have learnt over the years while focusing on the event  as their night to shine after years of dedicated hard work and rigorous training.

arangethram Invitation

arangethram Invitation

The vibrant D’OR invite

Understanding the emotions behind the ceremony, helping to make it a memorable moment, D’OR helps design personalised exclusive cards displaying the picture perfect dance performance. These cards are designed with vibrant colours retaining the classical theme, with an option to sub divide further into modern or a completely traditional look. The personalization can also be done to match the costume and the jewellery, giving it an absolutely unique and classy appearance.

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