One language or Bilingual Indian Wedding & Invitation card

Through a bilingual invitation card, we can eloquently manage a multilingual wedding ceremony

In any part of the world, marriages are celebrated like grand affairs and every part of it has many traditional elements. A typical wedding embraces with a series of colourful and elaborate rituals which are not only enjoyable but also have some inner meaning and hence plays a significant role for nuptial life. All rituals that are related to marriage are very spellbinding & consequential and it provides ample opportunities to every one so that they can spend some quality time with their loved ones. So, a wedding is basically a unique and must watch event for anyone especially for those who had the privilege to attend it.

As every event demands suitable invitation wordings, marriage ceremony also follows the same rule. An exquisite marriage invitation card always uplifts the flavour of the ceremony and hence has become an imperative part of the event. Therefore, families should mention all the important events in the marriage invitation cards so that all the guests can participate and enjoy the event to the fullest.

In this 21st century wedding is not restricted only with the same cast, race, religion and country. In this modern era, we have also witnessed many multicultural weddings which has changed the definition of weddings. For example, we often see that bride from India and groom from Spain are tying the knot or may be vice-versa. Now we are familiar with these multicultural weddings and it is the best way to announce a multicultural wedding celebrations with bilingual wedding invitations. Uniquely designed bilingual invitation cards are the most elegant way by which we can announce our wedding plans to all our distinguished guests. Bilingual invitation cards are also very convenient for guests or attendees because in most wedding events we find that guests belong from different countries or origins and hence they speak in different languages. So, with the help of bilingual invitation cards, guests can also understand the essence of the weddings.

When it comes to choosing a wedding invitation card design, we can’t afford any compromise on this. Therefore, it is vital to choose something different and strikingly beautiful in order to mesmerise our guests. The designs should be alluring enough for the guests to attend the wedding ceremony. Since day by day latest technologies and concepts are getting invented, instead of choosing any clichéd type of  invitation card we can go for some new-fangled & fresh pattern so that it creates an immense interest among the attendees and this will drag them to the main event.

Usually two types of bilingual invitation cards are grabbing the attention from the customers: two-sided invitations and z fold invitations. The two-sided design features English (since it is the International language) wording on one side and other wordings (Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc.) on the another side. Both sides are crafted with the same beautiful design so that it can easily entice the guests. On the other hand, Z-fold designs comprise of three panels: the first panel is the design or the personalised photo. The next two panels are printed with coordinating design elements and the wordings in English & other selected language. An ideal invitation card should include mandatory details like name of the couple, time, date and venue of the event and of course the name of the guests on the envelope. We can also incorporate any other relevant information if we want.

Bilingual invitation cards are also very cost effective. Instead of printing two sets of invitation cards of different language, it will be a prudent decision for us if we choose bilingual invitation cards for multilingual weddings.

Internet and online have been integrated with our life in such a way that from purchasing to shopping to ticket booking everything is done by clicking of the mouse. Moreover, everyone is moving in a hurry and hardly find any time to make all these arrangements. That’s why we need some card supplier vendors who can complete this job satisfactorily. D’OR invitations boasts with wide and appreciable bilingual card samples that can easily catch the eyes of the customers. They are flooded with a good amount of collections and their price will never burn our pockets. Moreover, they are also having an outstanding market reputation and already they have certain loyal client-base. Their customized bilingual wedding invitation cards will definitely make some huge buzz amidst our friends and relatives. So, in this way they have successfully engraved their name as one of the leading companies in this profession.

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