Make your Wedding Invite as Exclusive as Your Wedding

Wedding invitations for 2016

When it comes to weddings, everything should be grand and perfect. Deciding the venue, choosing the best caterer and decorator, sending out the wedding invitations on time are few aspects that are common to every wedding all across the world. When it comes to wedding cards, modern innovative designs are mostly preferred nowadays. Today’s couples show a keen interest in designing their own wedding cards and experiment with various styles. As a result DIY cards as well as designer wedding cards are gaining popularity quite steadily. In this respect, Indian marriage invitations are not lagging behind either. True, that the religious essence is always present in the wedding invites, but the modern themes and styles are really innovative.

Every marriage is unique in its own way and hence, the wedding invitations deserve a unique treatment; something which the guests are going to remember long after the wedding. Today, the best Indian wedding cards are those which have the right mix of creativity and traditions combined into one.


Take a Look into Some Innovative Wedding Card Ideas:

 Creativity brightens up every sphere of our lives and is not just limited to artists and painters. You can use your own creativity to design your own wedding card. But, if you are not confident, you can surely seek out the help of the professionals. Some innovative yet creative wedding card ideas are as follows:

  • Postcard Invitations – Indian wedding invites in postcard ‘Save the Date’ style have begun to gain popularity. This design conveys the message in a very humble way, yet looks trendy and simple, just like the actual postcards. Including the picture of the couple makes it even more special.
  • Candle Wedding Invite – Another interesting concept is including a candle in the wedding card. Such cards usually come in a box and the candle comes out when the lid is pulled. Friends and family can keep such cards as a memory of your lovely wedding.
  • Dangle Box Wedding Invite – This style is one of the most simple as well as one of the most interesting. Pieces of paper with the invitation message are fitted together and then put into a box which exactly fits the pieces. Pictures can also be printed on the individual pieces to make it more interesting. When one end of the chain is pulled, the paper pieces come out one after the other and dangle by clips or a piece of thread.
  • Handkerchief Wedding Invite – Printing the wedding invites on vintage handkerchiefs is a good idea as the guests can easily keep it or even use it if they want. Handkerchief wedding cards look bright, elegant and keep the memories alive.
  • Comic Book Cover Wedding Invite – This is a very interesting concept and instantly catches the attention of the invitees. The graphics and the text in such cards are very important as they both need to be in sync with each other and just like the covers of comic books. To make it more interesting, popular comic characters can also be used to depict the bride and the groom.
  • Balloon Wedding Invite – This kind of wedding invite is real fun as the card envelope comes with a balloon. When inflated, the invitation message is found written on the balloon.
  • Origami Wedding Invite – Beautiful paper folding make this type of wedding invites look stunning. Simple paper designs work wonders and lend a subtle elegance to the wedding cards.
  • Movie Poster Wedding Invite – Designing the wedding card just like the poster of a romantic movie featuring the couple is the one of the most romantic ideas for a wedding card. This kind of card is surely an item to cherish forever.
  • Wedding Invite in a Bottle – Putting your wedding invitation message inside a glass bottle adds an old world charm to it. At the same time, the concept is interesting.

Whom to Trust for Out of the Box Wedding Card Ideas?

 There are several wedding card suppliers and designers who make really interesting cards, but it is always wise to trust the best. D’or Invitations  is one such supplier who not only makes quality cards and guarantees on-time delivery but also stuns its customers with its trendy innovative designs. Check out their latest designer collection and see for yourself. Its team of designers make it a leader in the world of Indian wedding invitation card designs.

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