Indian engagement invitation cards

Engagement Invitation

Indian engagement invitation cards illustrate that how much we are concerned about our culture and tradition

In Indian tradition, we often consider engagement is as half marriage and this is the just prior step that is taken from both bride& groom side before they are going to start their nuptial life. It is believed that India is known as the land of culture & tradition and Indians are blessed with their cultural heritage. That’s why even in engagement events, Indians try to portray this rich and flamboyant culture so delightfully that it is a pleasure to watch. So, an engagement ceremony is basically a unique and must watch event for anyone especially for those who had the privilege to attend it. Indian engagements are vibrant, rich and colourful, it does not matter whether we are celebrating it in India or USA or may be some other part of the world.

So, planning an engagement party can be a lot of fun as well as a lot of hard work is also required. Engagement parties don’t have to be complicated or difficult, a fun gathering of the happy couple’s friends and family is the perfect goal to aim for. The perfect beginning for such an event should be embarked with perfect engagement invitation cards. Like every event demands suitable invitation wordings, engagement ceremony also follows the same rule. An exquisite engagement invitation card always uplifts the flavour of the ceremony and hence has become an imperative part of the event. All engagement rituals are very spellbinding & consequential and it provides ample opportunities to every one so that they can spend some quality time with their loved ones. Therefore, families mention all the important events in the engagement invitation cards so that all the guests participate and enjoy the event to the fullest. In engagement invitation cards, we often try to portray the love and commitment that is given by both bride & groom towards each other before they are going to tie the knot. So, when it comes to choosing engagement invitation cards we can’t afford any compromise on it. That’s why from creating the engagement invitation cards to marriage and till the reception, we Indians make sure that everything is happening at its best!

Selecting the best engagement cards for the special day

We Indians like to have bright engagement cards as we are very robust and energetic in nature and that’s why we are more inclined towards bright & bold colours which can easily make one’s mood. Therefore, it is vital to choose something different and strikingly beautiful in order to mesmerise our guests. The designs should be alluring enough for the guests to attend the engagement ceremony. Since day by day latest technologies and concepts are getting invented, instead of choosing any clichéd type of engagement invitation card we can go for some new-fangled & fresh pattern so that it creates an immense interest among the attendees and this will drag them to the main event. We can also go for scroll card which has its own elegance & class. Scroll card made of velvet material and handcrafted with gold designs can be a perfect combination of modern and traditional together. When we are going to select an engagement invitation card, it is also very important to think about the couple for whom the party is being celebrated.  In engagement invitation card, we can incorporate a cute photo of the ring which they are going to exchange with each other or we can collage some of their special photos in the card to make them feel really jovial and important. An ideal invitation card should include mandatory details like name of the couple, time, date and venue of the event and of course the name of the guests on the envelope. We can also mention any other relevant information if we want.


We need to consult with D’OR invitations for making any alluring engagement invitation cards

Since a lot of years, couples, families and designers are experimenting with new styles to result in unique cards. In 21st century, internet and online have got tethered with our life in such a way that from purchasing to shopping to ticket booking everything is done by clicking of the mouse. Moreover, everyone leads a busy life and has no time for making all these arrangements. That’s why we need some card supplier vendors who can complete this job satisfactorily. D’OR invitations boasts with wide and appreciable card samples that can easily catch the eyes of the customers. They are flooded with a good amount of collections and their price will never burn our pockets. Moreover, they are also having an outstanding market reputation and already they have certain loyal client-base. Their customized engagement invitation cards will definitely be going to set a benchmark amidst our friends and relatives. So, in this way they have successfully engraved their name as one of the leading company in this profession.

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