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India is a culturally diverse nation and Indian marriages are a true reflection of that. Marriages in India are grand and full of pomp and show. There are many customs and traditions which are followed as per the religious beliefs though the essence of the ceremony remains the same. Marriages in India are believed to be a once in a lifetime affair, hence everyone from the family and friends want to make it special for the couple. All the ceremonies have a predefined schedule and are lavish and grand in most of the cases.

The prelude to any marriage is the wedding invitation card. The Indian marriage invitations hold a great importance and mark the beginning of this auspicious ceremony. There is a wide range of options available for designer wedding cards. These cards are exclusive and attractive and will definitely leave your guests spellbound.

Indian Marriage Cards

After the date of marriage is finalized the first step is to select the wedding invite. Nowadays most of the couples want to select their special day cards on their own since they want it to make this day as a memorable one. The content of Indian wedding invites typically mentions the date, time and venue for the pre-wedding and marriage ceremonies but the language, style and way of communication may differ.

  1. Hindu Wedding InvitationsHindu wedding cards typically carry the image of Lord Ganesha since they believe that any auspicious event has to begin with the blessings of God. The invite begins with a symbol of ‘Om’ and in most of the cases is made by the grandparents, parents or other elder members of the family. Lot of importance is given to all the rituals and traditions. The cards are accompanied with box of sweets or other goodies which is distributed to all the near and dear ones.
  2. South Indian Wedding Cards– South Indian weddings are full of religious ceremonies. It will be like a Festival, Food will be great and Fun is guaranteed. The wedding card is a reflection of their rich traditions. The image with folded hands on the invitation card depicts the warmth and respect for the invited guests. Their wedding ceremonies usually get over in the morning and evening time is kept for family and friends who are invited to bless the couple. They are very particular about the auspicious timings and they tend to culminate the ceremony at the exact time specified in the invitation.
  3. Sikh Wedding Invitation– The Sikh wedding or the ‘Anand Karaj’ is a blissful union between two souls. The couple take their vows in a ‘Gurudwara’ around their holy book ’Guru Granth Sahib Ji’. Their wedding ceremonies are simple but joyful and their wedding invites include traditional and religious verses. The Sikh wedding cards are also graced with religious symbols. Writing a Sikh marriage invite in one’s own handwriting has also become very common these days since such handwritten cards give a feeling of warmth and affection to the guests.
  4. Islamic Wedding Cards– Islamic marriage or ‘Nikaah’ is a legal contract between two individuals. Both bride and the groom have to give their acceptance and the consent from bride’s parents or custodian is required to be done in presence of ‘Qazi’ or the Islamic priest. The contract of marriage is done between the bridegroom and the guardian of the bride. The Muslim wedding cards are generally referred as ‘shaadi cards’ and they have two main occasions ‘Nikaah’, the wedding and ‘Walima’, which is a wedding reception. The wedding invitations range from elegantly simple to colourful and bright cards. Though most of the cards are printed in English language but many families opt for wedding invites in their mother tongue ‘Urdu’.


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