An inimitable use of printing and stationary makes the card unique



Tracing back the history of greeting cards, the custom started with ancient Chinese who exchanged goodwill messages to celebrate new years followed to early Egyptians who conveyed their greetings on Papyrus scrolls. The beginning of first formal exchange of handmade greeting cards made its way in early 15th century in Europe.

What are these occasion specific cards?

These are illustrations on a piece of ordinary or a high quality paper or a card displaying various expressions or sentiments. They are used for all sorts of occasions like an invitation for birthdays, marriages, special functions or special occasions like holidays, expressing gratitude, etc.

Packed in a small envelop they come in various styles ranging from simple to high end fancy. These cards can be handmade or mass produced but their designing in most of the cases are personalised. Their perfectly created designs reflect the occasion and the purpose, while flexibly allowing the customer to personalise them using family themes and motifs, occasion themes, photographs, collages or any emotional expressions.  The subtle and distinct use of stationary and printing services make these cards absolutely unique and special for the occasions they are being used for.

Types of stationary:

  • Birthday invites: can be designed keeping in mind the age and gender requirements. They can be personalised with endless creative options of designs and theme coordination etc.
  • Wedding and Reception invites: Being created in bulk, these cards are a good example of exquisite designs that express emotions of the family.
  • Season’s greetings are sent out exchanging greetings and wishes for a specific special day.
  • RSVP cards; are sent out with the invites for an occasion. It comprises a questionnaire asking details and preferences of the guest that enables the host to plan the event easily.
  • Program cards: describes the series of functions linked with the special occasion. These can be themed along with the main card providing all the details and expectation of the functions.

The other types of occasion specific stationary can be bridal and baby shower, invites to small parties, menu cards for functions, money envelopes etc.

The D’OR personalisation

What ever is the occasion, D’OR can create and deliver uniqueness making all occasions special and unforgettable.  Their personalisation services go beyond just creating the cards, their specialised printing services can take any invite to a very different level. They can create wonders with words expressing the happiness and celebration of the event in the most creative ways. Finally the design team makes the card worth a thousand words with their perfectly chiseled designs matching the theme and the occasion requirements. Apart from the content the use of occasion specific fonts ranging from ornamental and decorative fonts to traditional or modern font or a comic font adds to the expression. The perfect blend of stationary and printing makes their cards premium above the rest.

To mark any occasion special, D’OR invitations are a perfect solution. Understanding that invitation is the first step towards happiness, their thousands of designs clubbed with unimaginable personalized services can make any event unforgettable

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