An excellent printing quality boosts the looks and the value of Indian wedding stationaries

In earlier days, printing was unknown and concealed to the people as most of the people were illiterate and hence had inadequate knowledge about reading and writing. But with the invention of latest technologies, now-a-days printing has become much more attainable to the people of all age groups. Though home printing may be adequate for personal use, but the scenario is completely different for the people who wants to use printing services to market their business. Businesses always demand some top-notch quality printing products which can easily help to proliferate their business and growth.

A unique and spectacular looking wedding invitations will always be able to get the attention from those who will receive them. Attractive wedding stationary printing products will always be able to grab attention from their customers, which bodes well for the company. If wedding stationaries are printed on a good quality paper, then it will not only enhance the look of the stationaries but also get high acclamation from the guests and the attendees.

Packed in a small envelop, these wedding stationaries usually comes in various styles ranging from simple to high end fancy. These stationaries can be handmade or mass produced but their designing in most of the cases are personalised. Their perfectly created designs reflect the theme of the occasions and their purposes. The subtle and distinct use of printing services makes these wedding stationaries absolutely unique and unmatchable. A good quality printed stationaries will always be able to attract more customers, and we need some professional and expert advice in every aspect like from the design, illustrations, colour of font, type of paper best suited for use and even the colour of the paper.

Types of stationary

Reception and wedding invitations: These cards are a good example of exquisite designs that express emotions of the family. We usually prefer to design these cards in bulk volume so that we can send these cards to all our distinguished guests.

RSVP cards: These are sent out with the invites for an occasion. It comprises of a questionnaire asking details and preferences of the guest that enables the host to plan the event easily.

Program cards: It describes the series of functions linked with the special occasion. These can be themed along with the main card providing all the details and expectation of the functions.

Table cards: Table cards often known as place cards are one of the integral part of any wedding ceremony. If we are planning to organize for a perfect wedding lunch or dinner, then table cards are the mandatory part of the wedding. It helps our guests to sit in the right place of the table. We can use several customized table cards so that it can match with our main wedding invitation cards.

Menu cards– These cards are absolute necessary for any Indian wedding. A gourmet and delicious Indian food menu will always be able to tempt epicure persons towards them. So, a well-designed and well-printed menu cards will always uplift the flavor of weddings.

Thankyou cards– These kind of cards are usually sent to all our guests in order to give them respect so that they can feel how special they are for us. A considerately handwritten thankyou note is one of the most heartfelt and meaningful ways to express gratitude to all our attendees or guests. A well-written and delicately printed thankyou card can easily win the heart of all our guests. Once we start receiving gifts from the guests, immediately we need to dispatch the thank you cards to all of them.

Whatever be the occasion, D’OR invitations can create and deliver uniqueness making all occasions special and unforgettable.  Their personalization services go beyond just creating the cards, their specialized printing services can take any invite to a very different level. They can create wonders with words expressing the happiness and celebration of the event in the most creative ways. Finally, the design team makes the card worth a thousand words with their perfectly chiseled designs matching the theme and the occasion requirements. Apart from the content, the use of specific fonts ranging from ornamental and decorative fonts to traditional or modern font or a comic font adds to the expression. The proper blend of stationary and printing; makes their cards distinct from the others and makes them premium.

To make any wedding occasion special, D’OR invitations are a perfect solution. Their all stationary printing products specially related to wedding, will definitely be going to set a benchmark among our guests. Understanding that invitation is the first step towards happiness, their thousands of designs clubbed with unimaginable personalized services can make the wedding event unforgettable.

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