Opening ceremony cards more fascinating by new designs and concepts

Opening Ceremony Invitations

How we can make our opening ceremony cards more fascinating by new designs and concepts


Opening ceremonies or inaugural ceremonies are always adjacent to our heart as through this event we are going to start a new venture in our life. Inaugural ceremonies are believed to be very auspicious and hence they are performed with great cautiousness & care. Basically these kinds of ceremonies are usually commenced very lavishly but yet in a decent way. An inaugural invitation card is one of the indispensable part of any opening ceremony as through this card we are trying to convey the message to our society that we are going to start something new and in this way we are trying to inscribe our name in a bold way. Therefore, every near & dear ones and acquaintances need to be sent a special opening ceremony invitation card with respect and love messages are written in order to request the guests for asking them to attend the inaugural events.

The whole event is depicted in the wordings or vocabulary of opening or inaugural cards. In order to lend a warm and personal touch in the cards, we can write anything as per our creativity. So, basically inauguration cards are always portraying some elements of creativity & exclusivity and entice all attendees to look forward to the event. An ideal Indian inaugural invitation card should include mandatory details like time, date, and venue and purpose of the event and of course the name of the guests on the envelope. We can also mention any other relevant information if we want.

When it comes to choosing an elegant & beautiful opening ceremony card, instead of going for any hackneyed pattern we can select some fresh & new options. Therefore, it is vital to choose something different and strikingly beautiful in order to mesmerise our guests. The designs should be alluring enough for the guests to attend the inaugural ceremony. An opening ceremony invitation card also delineates a lots of things like the taste of the host, what kind of ceremony it is (whether an opening ceremony of a retail shop or inauguration for a new office or inauguration of any events) and many more. So, basically an inaugural ceremony invitation card can impress its recipient in many ways. The way the design and the content presents itself shows how much the event is meant to its organizers and how much effort they have put on it. When we are considering a perfect design for our opening ceremony cards, we need to consider the key aspects of opening or inaugural ceremony.

Opening celebration– it is believed that opening ceremony is an auspicious event, so most of the opening ceremony is started with a traditional prayer in order to seek blessings from God.

Speech from key note speaker– After the inaugural event, the next step is the speech from the key note speaker or the chief guest. Usually chief guest or key note speaker are welcomed warmly by the organizers and they are escorted to the podium and are requested to give their speech about the special occasion. So, in our invitation card for inaugural ceremony, we do not forget to mention the name and other details of the speaker. Because it is the main highlight of the event.

Speech from the organizers–  Then the organizers share their opinion and view about the event and also indicate if the event has any impact on the society or not.

Main event– Once organizers are finished with their speeches, then the main event is started.

Closing ceremony– Finally the event is ended with some thanks giving speech and followed by gala dinner or high-tea along with cocktail. We should mention this point in the card weather the event will end with high-tea or there will be some lavish dinner after the event.


Select a perfect opening ceremony invitation card from D’OR invitations

Now, we have ample idea regarding the opening ceremony, so it is high time that we should hand-pick some exclusive opening ceremony invitation cards. In this modernized era, online is one of the pivotal medium for marketing and shopping. So, there will be no exception, when it comes to selecting an opening ceremony invitation card. Now-a-days we can find plenty of card supplier vendors online. But among them, to select the most pertinent one is really a cumbersome job for us.

All we have to do is we need to understand how to find out a reliable and reputed supplier of opening ceremony cards in India. D’OR invitations is undoubtedly the best choice for us and since from fast few years they are dedicatedly serving their clients. They are flourished with lots of sample designs of opening ceremony cards and the price charge for the same is quite nominal. So, if we really want to astonish our guests with unique card designs, then without wasting any time we should contact D’OR invitations. In this way, D’OR invitations has successfully engraved its name as one of the top leaders in this sector.

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