Celebrate your Daughter’s Journey to Womanhood with a Lavish Saree Ceremony

Saree Ceremony Invitation

It is indeed a matter of pride when a girl becomes ready to step into the world of womanhood. Ritu Kala Samskara is a big day in the life of South Indian girls when they are no longer considered as children but looked upon as responsible young women. In different South Indian cultures, the saree function or the half saree ceremony is known by different names – in Karnataka it is known as Langa Davani, in Tamil Nadu as Padavai Dhavani and in Andhra as Langa Voni. This occasion is celebrated with considerable pomp when a girl wears saree for the first time.

Saree Ceremony Rituals

This ritual is observed when a girl attains her puberty or just after her first menstruation. The girl’s female relatives and friends come together to celebrate this very special occasion in her life. They bring half sarees and sweets for the girl and bless her for a prosperous life ahead. In the first half of the ceremony, she wears Langa Voni and in the final half she wears a half saree. She continues to wear such half sarees in social occasions until her marriage when she fully transforms into a woman and wears the full saree with the complicated drape.


The day of the ceremony is pre decided and accordingly South Indian saree ceremony invitations are sent out well in advance. In general, the female members of the families take part in this occasion and the invitees are also females. After completion of the rituals, the guests are treated to a lavish menu after observing the rituals.

Saree Ceremony Invitation Cards

The half saree function is a very popular celebration among the South Indian community and thus, there is a considerable demand for its invitation cards. Each important occasion in the life of a person – birthday, thread ceremony, wedding, anniversary, etc. has a special significance and likewise invitation cards for different occasions should be different too. As such, Hindu saree ceremony invitations also have an individuality of their own. Most of these cards depict the various rituals that are observed during the ceremony.  White, off white, cream, light blue and other light color backgrounds are used for greater contrasting effects with the designs and the depictions that are normally done using brighter colors. Beautiful rangoli patterns and traditional designs are quite commonly used in Indian saree ceremony card. Classical art forms and themes as well as auspicious symbols like the lotus, peacocks, etc. are quite commonly seen on these invitation cards. Laser, die cut and satin cards are more on the pricier side.

Modernization of Saree Ceremony Invitations

Celebrating occasions become all the more fun when modern concepts are incorporated into the age old traditions and rituals. The traditional saree ceremony invitation cards India are still very popular, but cards with modern themes and styles are fast catching up. Interesting concepts like Save the Date, Message in a Bottle, Postcard Style Cards are few of the modern themes that are slowly gaining popularity. Such styles are actually influences of the Western Invitation styles and the professional card designers and card makers are putting in extra efforts to create something new, keeping the basic traditional elements intact. For instance, the rituals of the saree ceremony could be depicted through various paper forms or origami, which makes the cards really interesting. In the same way, the rituals depicted in sequence through individually attached paper cards also make for a cool concept.


Get Saree Ceremony Invitation Cards Online

Online shopping of invitation cards – be that for wedding, birthday or saree ceremony is now possible with most card makers looking to expand their business through the online route. Customers can browse through the entire collection of cards at their own convenience and take their time in arriving at the decision. So, if you have an upcoming saree ceremony in your family, log on to a trustworthy online store and start browsing through their catalog of endless designs. But, not every site is good and worthy of your trust.


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