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The Hindu Marriage- A Sacrament


Marriages in India are lavishly celebrated; they hold a great social significance among Indian society.  Among Hindus, marriage is considered to be more of a religious duty; it is performed with rituals along with many religious ceremonies that are performed before and after Hindu marriage. The marriage ceremony socially approves man and a woman aiming at procreation, pleasure, and observance of certain social obligations. The Indian wedding invitations have always played a very important role in Hindu weddings, as it is associated with two families that follow religious traditions for two souls that are bound to become one after this…
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Contemporary to Modern Indian Wedding Invitations are to look out for..

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India is a culturally diverse nation and Indian marriages are a true reflection of that. Marriages in India are grand and full of pomp and show. There are many customs and traditions which are followed as per the religious beliefs though the essence of the ceremony remains the same. Marriages in India are believed to be a once in a lifetime affair, hence everyone from the family and friends want to make it special for the couple. All the ceremonies have a predefined schedule and are lavish and grand in most of the cases. The prelude to any marriage is…
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Let the lives of couples be a celebration & the wedding card be a symbol

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The traditional Indian wedding is not only about bride and groom but also about two families being brought together. It’s about coming closer and accepting the values and beliefs that each other beholds and making this gesture of togetherness a celebration. The Indian Marriage Card is definitely the first and a visible symbol of it. Indian wedding invitation card designs are such that they make themselves memorable in their own unique way and these cards reflect the rich culture and customs of India. The wedding customs and traditions Wedding in all religions are identical when we talk about the feelings…
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Punjabi Weddings are Just As Much Fun as the Punjabis Themselves

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INDIA is the home of people belonging to diverse cultures and communities and each community has their specialties when observing religious and social occasions. The inhabitants of Punjab, better known as Punjabis are fun loving people and extremely lively. It is widely said that very few know how to enjoy life like the Punjabis. Their weddings are also no exception. Their wedding rituals and traditions are just excuses to involve the whole family and have fun. Punjabi wedding cards are just as colorful and vibrant as their occasions. There are many interesting rituals associated with a Punjabi wedding which begin…
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A sneak peek into the history of wedding card invites…

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The grandeur of every Indian wedding starts with the selection of wedding invites. The complete process involves a lot of discussion over the design, color and matter of the card. Indian Marriage Card has been serving as a medium to inform friends and family about the good news and sending them heartfelt entreaty of their occurrence at the marriage. But from where did this wedding invitation cards ritual started? How were they issued in the past? How were they fashioned and produced? Let us discover some interesting facts about wedding cards history. If we talk about ancient times, sending wedding…
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Which Wedding Venues to Consider For Your Wedding Ceremony?

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What Wedding Venues You Can Consider For Your Indian Wedding Ceremony? Tell any friend or relative about your marriage ceremony, and the questions that would follow next will surely incorporate the word ‘venue’ in them. No doubts, a decade ago, temples and marriage halls were preferred as the wedding venues. In fact, in the sub-urban regions, people carry out their wedding ceremony even in their homes. But, things have changed these days, and people in India are now more open about choosing unusual venues for organizing their wedding ceremonies. Even though today’s banquet halls offer plenty of facilities to conduct…
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Wedding Venue Décor Ideas Matching With Hindu Wedding Cards Theme

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Hindu Marriages in India is not just about tying a knot, rituals, and blessings; rather it is a time when beautiful memories for life can be created. Usually, fathers of Hindu brides are very particular about the wedding arrangements; they want everything to be perfect in the daughter’s wedding. They wish guests to get impressed by the arrangements and to remember the wedding for many future years to come. One of the important aspects to be focused on for a Hindu wedding is the décor. As there are various events such as Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet and of course the wedding,…
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Wedding Card Wishes & Etiquettes

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Wedding Card Wishes & Etiquettes To Follow To Make The Card Special Is your marriage fixed? Is the date ready for the wedding? If you are nodding your head and your eyes are sparkling then a hearty congratulation to you. As soon as the D day is fixed one has to shop long to hunt for the he perfect Indian wedding card suiting the would-be-couple. After the design of the card is decided, you need to come home and spend some rough time thinking about what words have to be used in the card. In the circles of making decision…
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Wedding Cards in India to Make Your Guests Feel Special


Choose magnificent Wedding Cards in India to Make Your Guests Feel Special When it comes to organizing wedding in India, we spend a lot of energy and time in order to make the wedding event special and memorable for life. And most of the times, we tend to overlook the guests while we are in the process of planning and arranging different things. The guests are mainly invited to bless the couple and participate in the various wedding ceremonies. But the question which arises is- how to make the guests feel respected and at comfort when they arrive at your…
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Essence Of Hindu Wedding Cards Designs Through Its Traditions

2015 Indian Wedding Bride

Understanding The Essence Of Hindu Wedding Cards Designs Through Its Traditions Marriages in India are like grand affairs, and every part of it has many traditional elements. Hindu wedding ceremonies in India are something that attracts thousands of westerners every year. They want to witness the spiritual side of a typical Hindu wedding ceremony, which is backed by numerous rituals and customs. The traditional aspects of Hindu wedding ceremonies are so strong that you can sense the same right through their wedding cards. The wedding cards associated with the Hindu wedding ceremonies are bold, colorful, and of course religious in…
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