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Weddings expressed through Indian wedding cards

Indian Wedding cards

The grandeurs of weddings expressed through awesome Indian wedding cards Marriage is a scared ancient act which involves spiritual union between two people addressed as bride and a groom and their families respectively. It is a blessed event majorly witnessed by the society as the couple marks their beginning while stepping into a new life.  The society is divided into varied cultures and each one of them has their own rituals; where each accomplishes into a life long bond between two individuals and their loved ones. Talking about varied traditions and ceremonies; Hindu weddings are one of the popularly known…
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Make your Wedding Cards as Grand as the Wedding Itself

Wedding Invitations, Hard bound cards,

Marriage is one of the most important occasions in the life of an individual and calls for special celebrations. Every arrangement – the venue, the decorations, the food, the music, the lighting, etc. in a wedding needs to be perfect and also according to the traditions. Even the wedding cards need to be in keeping with the wedding celebrations and theme. Distributing wedding invites among the guests is an age old tradition which marks the beginning of a marriage preparation. Nowadays, many interesting designs and themes are used on wedding cards which lend a modern touch to them, but at…
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Make your Wedding Invite as Exclusive as Your Wedding

Wedding invitations for 2016

When it comes to weddings, everything should be grand and perfect. Deciding the venue, choosing the best caterer and decorator, sending out the wedding invitations on time are few aspects that are common to every wedding all across the world. When it comes to wedding cards, modern innovative designs are mostly preferred nowadays. Today’s couples show a keen interest in designing their own wedding cards and experiment with various styles. As a result DIY cards as well as designer wedding cards are gaining popularity quite steadily. In this respect, Indian marriage invitations are not lagging behind either. True, that the…
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Indian Wedding Card Etiquette

For the perfect start. Unlike olden days, couples these days have unlimited options of wedding invitations. They have a choice from traditional Indian Wedding Invitation designs to cool and eccentric designs. A marriage card let the couples portray their style and they also give a glimpse of the awaited events to the guests. Indian Wedding Invitation have a long history, this legacy was started by the kings and queens, who used to send the wedding invites to their guests in their own traditional way. The legacy is still followed and a lot of wedding invitation etiquette are still well preserved…
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Wedding card invitation to an Indian social occasion

2015 Indian Wedding Bride

In India it is meant that marriages are made in heaven and the duty to unite those to people is levied on those living on earth. Marriage is a special bond of two souls and the bond is meant to continue till infinity. Wedding is regarded as a legalized way of uniting two people and Indian Wedding Card a documentary proof for this union. Weddings hold a great significant in every religion of every country. Wedding is an important part of everyone’s life and is regarded as a union that completes someone life. In India wedding holds a great importance…
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Bengali wedding cards illustrates that how much Bengalis are concerned about their culture and tradition

Bengali Wedding

It is believed that Bengal is known as the land of culture & tradition and Bengalis are blessed with their cultural heritage. That’s why in every Bengali wedding, we Bengalis try to portray this rich and flamboyant Bengali culture so delightfully that it is a pleasure to watch. So, a Bengali wedding is basically a unique and must watch event for anyone especially for those who had the privilege to attend it. Ululation and blow conch shell are the most obligatory part of any Bengali wedding and people often find that ladies are the one who indulge themselves with these….
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The Muslim Wedding Celebration – A Perfect Display of Grandeur

Muslim Wedding Cards

Marriages (Nikah) are considered an important sacred and social contract between a bride and a groom. It is rightly said, as marriage and family are two social institutions with biological foundations commendatory to each other and these two institutions have been in existence since time immemorial. And are permanent elements in our social system.  Among Muslims, marriage is universal for it discourages celibacy. Marriage is preferred over an unmarried life and is considered important for each and every individual. The customs, traditions and rituals in Muslim Wedding Celebration are as follows:- Mehr or dower is a practice associated with Muslim…
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Pick the best Indian wedding card for your destination wedding

destination wedding

There is nothing as spectacular as an Indian wedding and when it is celebrated at some exotic location within the country or abroad the fun doubles. Destination weddings have become the latest craze amongst the couples who want to celebrate this special occasion in their unique way but keeping their essence of Indian traditions alive. So whether it is the princely wedding at Lake Palace Udaipur, or the romantic wedding on the serene beaches of Thailand or a scenic destination for an ultra-luxurious wedding in Italy, options are many. With high disposable incomes couples want to make this as an…
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The modernised yet traditional Indian weddings

An online Wedding Invitations Store

India is a diverse country and so are its big fat wedding traditions. Traditionally speaking weddings is multi day affair comprising an uncountable number of ceremonies. But logically considering it is a couple of months’ long affair, where the families of the bride and the groom have to take care of every intricate detail before the finale. The wedding and its ceremonies are joyous affairs full of fun, dancing and connecting with families.  This glorious social event is divided into pre marriage, marriage and post marriage ceremonies, where each reflects exquisite Indian wedding culture. Going back in history, the weddings…
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Famous beliefs and superstations Common in an Indian wedding

Indian Wedding Images

Indian wedding is a grand event. Every pre and post wedding rituals, hold a distinct significance. The name of Indian wedding in itself is enough to fill our brains with the lavish images of fun, food, music, dance, clothes, jewellery, awesome Indian wedding cards, age old traditions and customs. Amidst all these we cannot forget about a lot many beliefs and superstitions, which play a very important in almost every Indian wedding. They have an ultimate power of bringing in sudden joy or a sudden distraught. All possible measures are taken to preclude the undesirable impinges on marriage functions and…
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