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Wedding anniversary invitation cards

Indian Wedding card designs

Wedding anniversary invitation cards have become a prerequisite part of the ceremony It is unanimously believed that our life is an assemblage of transitory moments. But sometimes in those transitory moments, we get memories that lasts forever and never fade with time. Wedding anniversary is an indelible day of our life irrespective of the years that we got married. Whether it’s our 1st or 21st year of marriage anniversaries, wedding anniversaries are the most wonderful way to commemorate our relationship that has stood the test of time. It is the day when we recapitulate all the golden memories related to…
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Opening ceremony cards more fascinating by new designs and concepts

Opening Ceremony Invitations

How we can make our opening ceremony cards more fascinating by new designs and concepts   Opening ceremonies or inaugural ceremonies are always adjacent to our heart as through this event we are going to start a new venture in our life. Inaugural ceremonies are believed to be very auspicious and hence they are performed with great cautiousness & care. Basically these kinds of ceremonies are usually commenced very lavishly but yet in a decent way. An inaugural invitation card is one of the indispensable part of any opening ceremony as through this card we are trying to convey the…
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House warming invites

Indian House warming Invitations

House warming invites are a treasure for life As they say a house becomes a home once the occupants start living in it. Getting an abode of your choice is like achieving a milestone in life. Once the possession of the house is received and the owners get all the interiors done it is time to shift to the new house. Shifting of residence is a difficult task but once you are in your home the feeling is beyond words to explain. A house warming party or ‘Griha Pravesh’ as it is called according to Indian traditions is held as soon…
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Celebrate the arrival of your baby

Baby Shower Invitations

Celebrate the arrival of your baby with cute baby shower invites Those tiny soft feet & fingers that first touch of the baby only a mother can understand. A mom to be needs lot of care throughout her pregnancy. She goes through many physical and emotional changes during this time and needs lot of affection and pampering. The last trimester of this wonderful journey of motherhood is the most difficult as one anxiously waiting for the little one to arrive. It is during this time that a special celebration is done in the honor of mother to be which is…
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Indian engagement invitation cards

Engagement Invitation

Indian engagement invitation cards illustrate that how much we are concerned about our culture and tradition In Indian tradition, we often consider engagement is as half marriage and this is the just prior step that is taken from both bride& groom side before they are going to start their nuptial life. It is believed that India is known as the land of culture & tradition and Indians are blessed with their cultural heritage. That’s why even in engagement events, Indians try to portray this rich and flamboyant culture so delightfully that it is a pleasure to watch. So, an engagement…
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Begin the celebrations with Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower designs

Every girl goes through many emotions, right from the day her wedding date is finalized, till the wedding day arrives. Everyone in the family wants to make this journey special for her especially her parents, siblings and close friends; they all want to shower her with love and care. The beautiful bride to be glows with all the affection she gets from her family. Nowadays most of the brides or their family members celebrate the moments just before the big day as bridal shower. On this celebratory day all near and dear ones, close friends get together and ‘shower’ her…
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Stunning Invitation Card with the Right Printing and Stationery

Indian Wedding Images

Plan for a Stunning Invitation Card with the Right Printing and Stationery Throughout our lives, we celebrate several occasions and we want our close friends and relations to be witnesses to our happiness. Sending out invitations is most ideal way to convey to our friends and relations that we are looking forward to their presence in the happiest moments of our lives. This custom has been widely followed since very early times after it was started by the emperors and kings who used to send out lavishly decorated cards to their guests for the purpose of invitation. Since then, several…
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Celebrate your Daughter’s Journey to Womanhood with a Lavish Saree Ceremony

Saree Ceremony Invitation

It is indeed a matter of pride when a girl becomes ready to step into the world of womanhood. Ritu Kala Samskara is a big day in the life of South Indian girls when they are no longer considered as children but looked upon as responsible young women. In different South Indian cultures, the saree function or the half saree ceremony is known by different names – in Karnataka it is known as Langa Davani, in Tamil Nadu as Padavai Dhavani and in Andhra as Langa Voni. This occasion is celebrated with considerable pomp when a girl wears saree for…
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Settle for Nothing but the Best for Thread Ceremony


Thread ceremony or Upanayana is one of the most important Hindu traditions which signifies the acceptance of a student by a teacher (guru) into the school of Hinduism. It symbolises an individual’s ‘spiritual birth’ as Hindus believe that every person is born twice – the first is the physical birth and the second is the spiritual birth. Just like weddings and birthdays, the sacred thread ceremony is an occasion of joy and deserves the best of celebrations with friends, family and relatives. Nowadays, the Hindu thread ceremony invitation card comes in a variety of designs and styles that not only…
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Choose the Most Attractive Muslim Card and Get Ready for a Grand Wedding

Muslim Wedding Cards

Marriages may be made in heaven, but the wedding celebrations and rituals take place right here, in this world, in presence of family and friends of the bride and the groom. For every culture across the world, weddings are occasions of unadulterated joy and deserves the best of everything. Islam is the second largest religious group in the world and constitutes about 25 percent of the world population. Whichever country they may be settled in at present, there is no dearth in wedding celebrations and observing rituals. The Muslims are very strict when following religious laws and they make sure…
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