It is always not necessary that Wedding ceremony and reception have the equal number of invitees. Normally in current trend, people prefer to keep their wedding simple, with only family and few close relatives and friends. The wedding ceremonies are usually followed by a grand reception party. Reception party can be arranged soon after the wedding and in some cases a few days after the wedding. Even in many cases of court marriage, people arrange a grand reception party for their guests. Since usually there is a long list of guests for the reception day, reception cards are to be separately printed and sent. For the guests invited in the wedding ceremonies, reception cards are sent along with the wedding cards.  In many cases, like in court marriage, only

Late receptions

Usually a Wedding reception takes place on the same day of the wedding or a day after the wedding.

Reception taking place later cannot be ideally termed as a wedding reception. It can be termed as a reception to honor the newly wedded couple. There could be many reasons for the late receptions. Like a court marriage, immigration to a different country etc. whatever might be the reason the trend of late reception is increasing at a high pace. If you plan to have a small wedding, with a grand reception on some future date, it is not a very good idea to send reception invitation along with the wedding invitation. It would look more elegant to send both the invites separately. There might be some chances depending on your situations, to have a small reception on the day to wedding and a grand reception after some days. In such cases also, it is highly recommended to send separate reception cards for both the receptions.

Do we really require separate reception cards?

The need of reception cards completely depends on the way you have arranged the wedding.   There are many situations where reception cards are a must and there are many other situations where reception cards are not needed. Here are few such situations, where reception cards are not required.

1) If the venue for wedding ceremony and reception are same and reception is followed by the wedding.  In such cases you can include “Reception to Follow” on the wedding invitation.

2) If you fall short of the budget, than tactfully include the imperative reception information on the wedding invitation just below the other ceremony info.

Key information’s to be included in Reception invite:

1) If you plan to have a theme based reception, than remember to include necessary information regarding the clothing.

2) If you plan to have a cocktail hour, it is highly recommended not to load your wedding card with such details and have a separate reception card, where you can mention both the info.

3) You can also include “No gifts, please”, if you want your guests not to bring any gift for you.

4)   A reception card is a must, especially when you have distinct guests’ lists for reception.

How should your reception card look?

If you plan to have a separate reception card, you can in a very elaborate manner mention all the details.  You need to include the details as date, time and venue. You can acknowledge the reception as “marriage reception” or a “wedding reception”. Though “Marriage reception” looks more traditional, many people prefer to write “wedding reception”. The most common verse that is found in the reception cards read as follows:



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