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Make Your Muslim Wedding Cards In India

Wedding ceremonies in India are organized in a very grand and lavish way, regardless of which community the marriage belongs to. No matter if you are attending a Hindu or a Muslim wedding in India, in both of them you will experience numerous traditions and rituals. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that separate out the Muslim wedding ceremonies from the Hindu ones, and the same differences can be spot in the wedding card designs as well. If you compare the wedding card designs of a Muslim to that of a Hindu one then you will clearly see the difference in…
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Make Your Guests Fall In Love With Your Wedding Invitation

The traditions and cultural values of India are definitely inspiring and filled with tons of positivity. If one truly wants to experience the authentic traditions of India’s traditions and culture then marriages are the best occasions perhaps. Any Indian marriage, be it in an urban region or a semi-urban one, encompasses more or less the same traditional aspects that make them unique for the western world. Moreover, the wedding cards of Indian marriages also prove to be a cog in the wheel of India’s richly decorated traditions. Initially, wedding cards in India were meant only for the purpose of inviting…
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Get Designer & Personalized Christian Wedding Cards

Christian weddings look pretty simple, peaceful and classy. Many people think that these weddings do not require planning and are budget friendly. But, mind you my friends, even Christian weddings involve a great deal of work! It can be said that the simplicity is equal to complexity at the Christian weddings. And when it comes to wedding cards to be sent to guests near and far, there is lot of effort to be put. One need not get confused when designing Christian wedding cards with DIY projects. In order to get perfect look for the card, all one needs to…
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Tips To Choose South Indian Wedding Invitations!

traditional South Indian Wedding

As soon as you step into any South Indian wedding events, everything will seem to be a royal affair. The tantamount words that emerge in the mind associated with South Indian weddings are: red hues, gold embraces and minute detailed attentions. As per the expert wedding planner of a South Indian wedding, saffron and red are the colours that can sanction the richness and uniqueness in the entire event. In addition to this, these ethnic colours represent purity of values in a special way. There are basically four main communities in South India- Tamilians, Telugus, Keralites and Kannadi. Weddings of…
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Common Mistakes Folks Make In Indian Marriage Invitations!

There’s a famous saying that “Marriages are fixed in heaven, but executed on Mother Earth”. It is indeed a matter of immense pride and celebration that accompanies the event, but what truly are the striking features about the Indian marriages are the grandeur and the festive enthusiasm that is seldom visible, in any other country. There is a wide range of common mistakes couples and their families make at the time of drafting Indian wedding invitations. So, to ensure that you don’t make such mistakes, we have put together some of the top wedding invitation errors and tips to avoid…
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A Glimpse of The Historic And Royal Side of Islamic Wedding Invitations!

Islamic Wedding in Hyderabad

Before the wedding invitations came into existence into our society, it was the job of the town crier to announce an upcoming wedding ceremony in the town. A person experienced in this kind of task was hired and through him everyone used to get to know about the wedding event of their close ones. Fortunately, the advancement of lithography changed everything, and now we can discreetly invite our close ones, without creating a buzz in the town. However, wedding has always been and will always be a loud affair in India. People in India leave no stone unturned to make…
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Scroll Wedding Invitations- Be The Reason For Your Guests’ Envy

Who does not loves wedding? Well, almost everyone does, and it is the desire of every parent to organize the wedding ceremony of their son or daughter the most lavish manner. No matter if the family is from a rich background or a middle caste one, everyone tries their best to make the wedding as memorable as possible. After the wedding dates are finalized, the most vital task that needed to be addresses is the selection of the wedding card. A wedding invitation or card is not just a way to let people know about the wedding ceremony; but, it…
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Throwing Light over Some Cool Reasons to Consider Online Suppliers


Throwing Light over Some Cool Reasons to Consider Online Suppliers for Outstanding Wedding Card Designs Gone are the days when India was considered a land of rope walkers and snake charmers. In the present time, this country has turned out to be one of the most exciting and agile markets in the world. The advancement of internet has further added to the spending capacity of the people. This is the reason why people in India have started ordering wedding invitation cards from the web world. After all, the range of design and the flexibility you can get at the e-store…
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9 Common Problems To Avoid Before Printing Indian Marriage Cards!

Wedding Invitations Mistakes

Hurray! You are soon going to wed the love of your life and both of you will be tied in a wedlock! You might be excited about it and want a special wedding card which can be worth a million dollars! But, have you lent a thought to the plan of action for the wedding cards? Wedding invites seem to be a simple task, but when they are not done in a proper way or when they do not get printed on right time, then you might have to suffer. Although there are no hard and fast rules associated with…
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Thread Ceremony- Upanayana – Janoi- Sacred Thread Ceremony

Importance of the Thread Ceremony Many of you haven’t heard of the term “ Upanayana”  “Janoi” “ Thread Ceremony ” before, Upanayam Ceremony is a traditional Hinduism rite of passage that was celebrated to mark the acceptance of a student by the teacher (Guru) and also an individual’s entrance to the school. Literally, Upanayana implies the act of leading one thing to or close to another thing. This tradition is based on the fact that, when a child joined the school, it was taken that the teacher was drawing the child towards treasures of knowledge. Hence, the teacher initiated the…
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