Make Your Muslim Wedding Cards In India

Wedding ceremonies in India are organized in a very grand and lavish way, regardless of which community the marriage belongs to. No matter if you are attending a Hindu or a Muslim wedding in India, in both of them you will experience numerous traditions and rituals. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that separate out the Muslim wedding ceremonies from the Hindu ones, and the same differences can be spot in the wedding card designs as well.

If you compare the wedding card designs of a Muslim to that of a Hindu one then you will clearly see the difference in terms of colors, texts, and symbols as well. When it comes to choosing a beautiful design for your Muslim wedding invitation in India, there are many fresh options available for you. In fact, some of the designs have been created keeping in view the grand and royal side of Islamic wedding ceremonies.

Islamic Wedding in Hyderabad

Islamic Wedding in Hyderabad

Essentiality of choosing the best Islamic wedding card design

The way Muslim wedding arrangements and decorations are done, it becomes essential to convey the same level of preparation through the wedding cards. Therefore, it is vital to choose something different and strikingly beautiful in order to amaze your guests. The designs should be enticing enough for the guests to attend the wedding ceremony. Below are some of the designs for Islamic wedding invitations that you can consider in future.

  • Garden of Eden: In the Muslim community, fragrance has a very importance place, and the custom of using ‘Ittar’ is the sheer proof of it. For this reason, when you are looking for wedding cards for Muslim community then the use of fragrance filled cards can be a great idea. This is the reason why Garden of Eden is so popular in the Muslim community. This kind of wedding card exudes the mix of the most pleasant fragrances, which can really leave a powerful impression in the mind of your guests.


The wedding cards under this category come loaded with aromatic oils and perfumes, and when your guests would hold them; their hands will get smeared with the beautiful fragrance of your amazing Islamic wedding card. As far as the shape of the card is concerned, you can choose your own design.

  • Psychedelic designs– If you check out the present world of wedding cards in the online stores, you would definitely understand the popularity of psychedelic patterns. This design is getting extremely popular in the Muslim community, and the variations available in this category are equally exciting. Impression of stars, hearts, and animals can be created by using concentric hoops, lines and circles. For a novel wedding concept, you can depend on this beautiful Islamic wedding invitation design.
  • Scroll design– This is one of the most widely used designs these days, in the arena of wedding cards. After several centuries, this design of wedding cards has resurfaced, and people love it for sure. It was during the ancient period when this kind of wedding card was used. Even in the Mughal Era, the use of scroll based messages was quite common. For a royal kind of feeling, you can choose this design for your Muslim wedding. The inclusion of Urdu texts and religious symbols like star and crescent would make this Muslim wedding invites in India more beautiful.

The best way to purchase Muslim wedding invitations in India

Nowadays, online shopping is obviously the most apt way to purchase anything. So, the same goes with the wedding cards as well. All you have to do is understand how to find out a reliable and reputed supplier of Muslim wedding cards in India. Well, the reputed ones always maintain transparency in whatever they do, and also provide genuine rates. One such supplier is D’or Invitations, which is preferred by a lot of people in India.

When choosing a design, you need to pay special attention to the selection of religious texts or wordings and the symbols as well. Use of Arabic texts can render more authentic feeling and look to your attractive Muslim marriage cards. Therefore, browse through the online store of the wedding card supplier and choose some symbols and the most apt texts for the wedding card. This will surely add more positivity to your wedding card, and the same energy would get reflected in the wedding ceremony.

So, browse through the designs and be very specific about your requirements before placing the order. In addition, also be clear about the shipping charges, so that you do not have to pay anything extra from your wallet.

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