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Indian House warming Invitations

House warming invites are a treasure for life

As they say a house becomes a home once the occupants start living in it. Getting an abode of your choice is like achieving a milestone in life. Once the possession of the house is received and the owners get all the interiors done it is time to shift to the new house. Shifting of residence is a difficult task but once you are in your home the feeling is beyond words to explain. A house warming party or ‘Griha Pravesh’ as it is called according to Indian traditions is held as soon as the family is ready to move into the new house. It is an occasion where the hosts want to welcome all family and friends to their new home. The guests usually get gifts for the new home and are shown the house by the hosts. According to Indian traditions ‘Griha Pravesh’ is done on an auspicious date and time as advised by the elders of the family or the priest.                                     

House warming Invitations

‘Griha Pravesh’ or house warming is a very special moment and as per Indian traditions we seek blessings of God before we start living in the new house. Once the auspicious date has been finalized it is the time for a guest list to be prepared so as to send out house warming invitations to all near and dear ones. The selection of invitation should be such that it touches the heart of the guests. Choosing appropriate wordings is the first step in creating invitations as it sets the tone of your celebration.

A typical house warming card begins with the symbol of ‘Om’ or Lord Ganesha followed by the name of occupants inviting family and friends. The date and time of the function with the new house address is mentioned in the invite.

Ceremonies performed in ‘Griha Pravesh’

  1. Vastu Pooja- This pooja is performed in honor of ‘Vastu devta’ outside the house before the owners of the house actually enter. A pot filled with water, nine types of grains and a one rupee coin is carried by the lady of the house. A coconut covered in a red cloth is tied with ‘moli’, a read thread to the pot. After the priest performs the rituals both husband and wife together walk inside the house with this pot. The pot is kept near the ‘havan kund’ or the ceremonial fire.
  2. Vastu Shanti- A havan is performed for ‘Griha Shanti’ so as to prevent any hindrances and to remove negative vibes from the house. Once the havan is concluded the priest is offered food and ‘dakshina’. Many families specify the time of havan as well in the house warming invites which is usually followed by lunch.

Apart from these two essential pooja’s many families also perform ‘Satyanarayan Katha’ or Lakshmi and Ganesh pooja. The house is decorated with fresh flowers especially marigold and green leaves. Mainly vegetarian menu is done along with traditional Indian sweets. All the guests bring traditional gifts for the homeowners. The gifts range from idols of Lord Ganesha, home décor, kitchenware to furnishings.

With globalization many traditions have given way to modern ways in organizing a house warming party. The homeowners want to flaunt their priced possession in a unique way. There are many ways in which house warming party can be organized-

  1. Theme party- A garden theme party in which the guests can bring plants as gifts or in case you have a pool in the house then a pool party can be organized.
  2. Attractive invitations- An alluring house warming invitation which is unique and has some personalized messages or illustrations will surely go down the memory lane.
  3. Decoration- Apart from flowers one can decorate the house by lighting candles in case it’s an evening party or spray room fresheners.
  4. Food- A scrumptious lunch or dinner will add fervor to the party. One can hire catering services or order food from outside depending upon the number of people.
  5. Potluck – Close family and friends can also get one dish each to add the fun element and variation in the party.

No matter how you celebrate but the essence of the house warming ceremony remains the same throughout, it is a beginning of a new life in a new house.

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