Celebrate the arrival of your baby

Baby Shower Invitations

Celebrate the arrival of your baby with cute baby shower invites

Those tiny soft feet & fingers that first touch of the baby only a mother can understand. A mom to be needs lot of care throughout her pregnancy. She goes through many physical and emotional changes during this time and needs lot of affection and pampering. The last trimester of this wonderful journey of motherhood is the most difficult as one anxiously waiting for the little one to arrive. It is during this time that a special celebration is done in the honor of mother to be which is called ‘baby shower’, which according to Indian rituals and traditions is called ‘Godh Bharai’. The family & friends gets together to share the joy and happiness.

When is the ‘baby shower’ celebrated?

The Indian term of baby shower i.e. ‘Godh Bharai’ means ‘to fill the lap’ and is celebrated in many parts of India and is known with various names like in Bengal it is called ‘Shaad’ and in Kerala it is called ‘Seemandham’. Different religions have different customs but the essence is same, that is to bless the mother or shower her with love and affection. Most of the families celebrate this occasion on completion of seventh month of pregnancy as they feel that in this phase both mother and baby are safe. But there are certain countries where it is celebrated in the ninth month and some families who do not believe in the baby shower ceremony do a special celebration after the arrival of the little one. However, no matter which part of the world you belong, celebrating your joy with your near and dear ones is a must by sending them baby shower invites.


Baby Shower Cards

As soon as we think of baby shower it brings up smiles on our face with a mere thought that the whole house will be full giggles and toys. To celebrate this occasion a guest list is prepared. Invitations are sent mostly to the ladies of the family and friends of the mother. Sometimes even all the near and dear ones are invited. Selecting a perfect Baby Shower Card to set the mood of the celebration is a must. Some tips to select a baby shower invitation card are-

  1. Always consider the choice of mother to be since the baby shower is in her honor and the card should reflect her taste.
  2. Make a list of guests and prefer a small gathering with closest of family members and friends to make it a memorable affair.
  3. You can choose a mix of designs with images for both baby boy and a girl.
  4. Choose the color, design, layout and font of your baby shower invitations according to the theme of your baby shower celebration.

The baby shower invites usually consists of the name of mother, date, time, venue and RSVP details. One can choose from various themes such as; traditional where all the ladies can wear traditional Indian dresses like saris and suits with heavy jewelry. There could be stalls for bangles and doing ‘henna’ or mehendi on hands. One can also do a modern theme with all wearing western dresses and the place can be decorated with childhood memories of the expecting mother.

Significance of baby shower

According to traditional rituals the mother to be is adorned with a heavy sari almost like a bride and her lap is filled by various gifts from her mother and mother in law.  Apart from that all other ladies who are invited also give gifts to the expectant mother and bless both the baby and mother. There is lot of dance and music which adds fun to the celebration. Some tips to make baby shower or ‘Godh Bharai’ a more interesting event:

  1. Choose clothes for the expectant mother according to the weather so that she is comfortable.
  2. Make a list of all gifts received so that later on you can thank the guests personally.
  3. One can also opt for small return gifts for ladies.
  4. Plan some baby shower games which will keep the guests engaged like guessing the items in a bag, baby sketching, dressing up a baby doll or asking mom and dad to share their secrets etc.
  5. Get a baby shower cake

Buy awesome baby shower cards online

There are countless themes and ideas for baby shower celebration and keeping this in mind D’OR invitations can create cute and unique designer baby shower cards for you. One can even add personal messages or pictures to customize the card as per the need. There is wide range of designs available and one can choose from handmade to satin based paper or even a laser cut card. So wait no more if you are planning to celebrate arrival of your little one soon then just visit their website and choose from the exquisite range of invites to make some beautiful memories for you and your little one.

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