Baby shower invitations card an invitation to welcome an angel of almighty’s castle.

Child is a beautiful gift from God and gives his or her parents an immense pleasure and happiness which cannot be compared to any other happiness of the world. So why not to welcome this beautiful angel in this world in such a way that the whole world comes to know, an angel is coming from the almighty’s castle. So Baby shower is the first step towards welcoming the child and showering lots of blessings on him/her.

In many countries baby shower is celebrated with great excitement and happiness. Baby shower means a customary ritual that has taken a form of celebration on the recent birth or for about to be delivered child where friends and relatives present gifts and shower blessings on the mother and her child. In few countries it is also celebrated as a symbol to show the transformation of a woman into mother.

The Godh Bharai

Godh Bharai is the name for baby shower in India. Here, Baby shower is considered as an important event to welcome the child in the family and it is believed that if people will bless the child than he or she will have a happy life. It is conducted to make mother-to-be completely relaxed and helps her in preparing for the new life. Godh bharai is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Godh Bharai is done after the completion of seven months pregnancy as it is considered that child is safe from any evil eye and is viable. There may be the variation in the traditions and the way of performing the rituals on the event among different place, states, family, culture and religion but the feelings and the happiness are same in every culture and religion and the way of sending Baby shower invitations is also same.

About to be mother wears new clothes and her hands are filled with beautiful mehndi designs. She is blessed with abundant joys of motherhood. It is known by different names in different parts of country like “seemandham”, “shaad” and “Valakappu”. But whatever may be the name the motive is to bless the child and mother and to fill her lap with lots of presents, sweets and heart full of blessings and happiness for the child.


Baby shower hosting and tips

The Baby shower is the wonderful time for the family and all loved ones to come together and celebrate the pregnancy of the mother and the arrival of a sweet little child. Baby shower can be hosted by anyone like friends, relatives, parents, in laws, colleagues etc. The perfect baby shower starts from invitations and a memorable way of sending invitations is Baby shower invitation card which makes the occasion a forever remembrance for everyone.  The most important thing to keep in mind at the baby shower is the joyous fun element should be there in it and the mother-to-be is totally comfortable as she is the one because of whom everyone has got the opportunity to celebrate.

The food and beverages served in the event and specially that are served to the mother should not be unhealthy in any way for the mother or for the unborn baby. Planning a baby shower not just only means the tradition and rituals but it also means fun for the guests, which may be in the form of dances prepared by family members and close relatives for depicting their happiness, games and short skit.

There can be a theme oriented Baby shower function, each thing arranged according to the set theme including the baby shower invitation card which can also be drafted and designed according to the theme. Now-a-days many people opts for the theme based Baby shower and get best suitable cards patterns and design which could match the selected theme.

If not theme based than there can also be a traditional Baby shower with a bit western innovation in it. This justifies both the grounds the traditional approach as well as a fun factor for the young generation.

The D’OR magic touch

Whatever is the theme, whatever is the way of celebrating baby shower function Dor always have something amazing and unique to provide. The amazing Baby shower designs by D’or Invitations. always justifies the needs of the hosts of the event. D’OR holds a magic touch which makes the words of the cards to express the infinite bundle of feelings and happiness that are associated with the card and the Baby shower function.




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