9 Common Problems To Avoid Before Printing Indian Marriage Cards!

Wedding Invitations Mistakes

Hurray! You are soon going to wed the love of your life and both of you will be tied in a wedlock! You might be excited about it and want a special wedding card which can be worth a million dollars! But, have you lent a thought to the plan of action for the wedding cards? Wedding invites seem to be a simple task, but when they are not done in a proper way or when they do not get printed on right time, then you might have to suffer. Although there are no hard and fast rules associated with the wedding cards, a planner process and keeping few things in mind shall make things smooth.

While in hurry, it is common to commit mistakes related to Indian marriage cards. Knowing about the common mistakes beforehand can save you from the same for your wedding cards. Further, the couples should be smart enough in making the choices and need not depend on the planners.

Mistakes to avoid before printing the Indian marriage cards

Here are top 9 mistakes for you to remember so that you do not repeat is again. Please read carefully.

Mistake #1: Not having extra sets printed

This is one of the common mistakes as people only count relatives and close friends. However, while distributing the cards, they start figuring out about the neighbours, colleagues and other people who also need invitations. Therefore, try to have extra sets of cards to be on the safe side.

Mistake #2: Using too many colours in one piece

If you do not think this to be a mistake, then that is the mistake itself. Be patient when thinking about the colours of the Indian wedding invite. You need to be little sensible about the colour combinations you choose for the wedding cards.

Mistake #3: Misspelling the names of guests

It is really annoying when we get cards with a wrong name written. In order to keep the guests happy, make sure that you ask the spelling if you are not aware of.

Mistake #4: Over wordings used in the card

Of course it is a special event in your life, but writing too many things in the Indian marriage cards will end up giving it a shabby look. Crowding the card with too many words, quotes, and information can give out a negative look of the overall card.

Mistake #5: Printing cards at the last moment

This is one of the trivial mistakes that are made by the couples. People think this to be the most easy task just by ordering the prints and distributing to the cards, which can be done just one or two weeks before the wedding. It is a wrong notion; hence the cards must be printed three months before your wedding.

Mistake #6: Writing on the envelope

Make sure that there are no wordings on the envelope of the card. This might damage the inside of the wedding card. The envelope should be plain with just the name of the receiver and nothing else.

Mistake #7: Too much spending on the cards

People think spending huge amounts on the wedding cards can raise your value among the guests. But this is a wrong thought. Just a minimal amount spend can help you in getting elegant yet effective cards.

Mistake #8: Not cross checking the details

People usually do not cross-check the details like time, venue and occasion on the card which may confuse the guests.

Mistake #9: Not proofreading

Not proofreading the card can be an act of over smartness and thinking that everything will be right. Make sure all the religious quotes mentioned are correct and there are no grammatical errors on the card.

Seek help from D’or Invitations to avoid the above errors

If you do not want to commit the above mistakes in your Indian wedding invitations, then you ought to seek help and guidance from the experts of D’or Invitations. They make sure that that a flawless wedding card is created for your Special Day. There are skilled and professional people in the team of the company who re-check the work at every step. All you have to do is trust them and sit back. The result that will be handed over to you will be extraordinary.

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