Weddings expressed through Indian wedding cards

Indian Wedding cards

The grandeurs of weddings expressed through awesome Indian wedding cards

Marriage is a scared ancient act which involves spiritual union between two people addressed as bride and a groom and their families respectively. It is a blessed event majorly witnessed by the society as the couple marks their beginning while stepping into a new life.  The society is divided into varied cultures and each one of them has their own rituals; where each accomplishes into a life long bond between two individuals and their loved ones.

Talking about varied traditions and ceremonies; Hindu weddings are one of the popularly known majorly because of its vibrant history, the colourful and fascinating customs, the family gathering and bonding and most importantly a week long rituals full of traditional activities comprising a beautiful and a meaningful story behind each.

It is one of the most versatile ceremonies which change its face as we progress from one region to another. But the essentiality of Vedic Yagna known as fire sacrifice remains the same. Presence of sacred fire is the most important witness of any Hindu wedding that symbolises a brand new beginning.

A traditional Hindu wedding

Weddings are known for their loudness, fun and description of the opulent cultures.  The zeal and enthusiasm at marriages makes it difficult to resist the fervour, making it a special occasion to rejoice for life. One of the popularly known and lavishly celebrated is the Hindu weddings. These weddings take a new face as we travel from one region to another where each shows a very strong reflection of the history and vivacious tradition they follow. Being a significant expression of their culture, these weddings are full of music, dance, rituals, food and most importantly the clothing. These weddings require a lot of planning and giving importance to every intricate detail. One such important aspect is an awesome Indian wedding card.

A traditional Hindu wedding is not only full of laughter and music but it has a set of defined rituals to follow. A typical Hindu wedding or Vivah Samskar can be thoroughly experienced and enjoyed clad in colourful clothes different for each ceremonial lists starting from Roka which is pre engagement ceremony to progressing towards Mangani or engagement. Thereafter comes the pre marriage functions like Sangeet and Mehndi night, Chooda ceremony etc at the girl’s side and Sehra Bandi and Ghur Chadi at the boy’s side.

Clad in bright glittering clothes the marriage ceremonies proceeds to Milni of families, Jaimala between bride and groom and finally all leading towards the most sacred form of Puja called Kanyadaan with Holy fire as the witness to all.

Indian wedding card – A reflection of the joyous event

These cards hallmark the rituals, blessings and affection of the elders and the loved ones. Hindu wedding cards are well crafted, opulent and elegantly designed that not only highlight the glittery events but are full of emotions that the family displays as a one of the major step towards the life long bonding. Their formal format embedded in luxurious texture with religious symbols that reflects the lively mood of the family members.

An Indian marriage invitation card for a typical Hindu marriage is not different from any other. They play a very important role in all the weddings; their format, personalisation, designing etc plays a very important responsibility in announcing the ceremony.  A lot of emphasis is laid on craft the card; main elements considered are:

  • Design, pattern or shape of the card
  • Colour scheme and colour combination
  • Wording and language to be used
  • Embellishment used to decorate the card
  • Type of paper to be used

Indian wedding card holds equal emotional value as the entire wedding does. The families become overly spiritual  during this period, most of which is reflected in the Hindu wedding invites expressing religious and wedding symbols like Kalash, Lord Ganesha, Swastika or Doli etc.

A peek into D’Or Indian wedding invites

A Hindu wedding is more just than a colourful ceremony; it is an emotional attachment and bonding of various people into one family. D’OR invitations understand the relationships and auspiciousness of the occasions, keeping the sensitivity in mind they just don’t make cards, they personalise the emotions of the families captured using varied designs, colours, formats, exquisite papers; thus offering individuality to cards. Keeping in mind the traditional and religious outlook they help design customary cards with a modern look or have options to personalise each cards spotlighting the symbols and sensitive information on the cards.

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