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In India it is meant that marriages are made in heaven and the duty to unite those to people is levied on those living on earth. Marriage is a special bond of two souls and the bond is meant to continue till infinity. Wedding is regarded as a legalized way of uniting two people and Indian Wedding Card a documentary proof for this union.

Weddings hold a great significant in every religion of every country. Wedding is an important part of everyone’s life and is regarded as a union that completes someone life. In India wedding holds a great importance as it is a social occasion which brings two families closer. There are different culture in India and wedding in each culture is a bit different each showing vast diversity of culture of land. People tie a wedding knot and make a promise to stay with each other forever and will continue their bond of love.

Marriage is known to bring a sort of stability in human life also is known to create a foundation of the family.  The factors to a successful marriage are love, trust, commitment and the cooperation of two people to understand each other in good and bad times.

Importance of wedding in India

Wedding is considered as the important event in India and is celebrated like a festival. The preparation and arrangement for wedding in India starts few months before the big day. Wedding in India is full of fun and frolic. Wedding in Hindu is one of the important factors among Hindu sanskars or sacraments. Wedding in Hindus are usually hosted by the bride’s family at a venue decided by mutual agreement of bride’s and groom’s family.

Indian Wedding Card sets the tone of what guests are to expect on the big day and also helps them to get them prepare for the event. A big bash with lots of firework, dance, fun, happiness and music should have an equally worth invitation. Wedding cards helps in conveying to the guests the fun and excitement that is there in the mind of the bride, groom and their families. It also includes all the proper information for the guests regarding the ceremonies that will take place on the wedding day.

Basic tips for a getting a perfect wedding card.

Everyone knows what a wedding card is but not everyone is aware how to make a proper a proper wedding invitation. So it is important to know few things which can make a wedding card a memorable invitation.

  • If it is wedding Invitation card from India then the full street address and the city should be there as India have so many cities and uncountable streets. So it makes easy for the guests to locate the venue.
  • Feel absolutely free to include the direction either on the back of the card or attach a leaflet matching to the design of the card so those guest coming from other states and cities find ease in reaching the wedding location.
  • The color selections and the patterns of the invitation should not be very loud and the colors used should complement each other. Few colors are considered as the symbol of a happy married life like red color used in Hindu wedding Card.

Hindu wedding – a big Bash

The ceremonies and rituals of Hindu weddings go on for four to five days.  There are various pre wedding ceremonies like engagement, haldi, mehendi and sangeet each celebrated with great joy. Just like the whole procession of wedding Hindu wedding Card is also considered as one of the important factor of wedding.

The Satphere, the mangalsutra, the sindoor ceremony and the kanyadan ceremony are considered to be the basic elements of the Hindu Wedding. Many Hindu marriage Invitation Cards also includes the timing of the satphere in it.

Wedding cards with a modern twist yet simply ethnic.

Apart from traditional wedding cards market is full of awesome Indian wedding card designs with a touch of modernity in it yet keeping them elegant and simply ethnic. There are theme based wedding cards fitting best to the theme of your wedding, the Laser cut cards the most famous design of 2016 globally, the Fabric cards also known as Satin Cards enhancing the royal tastes of the families, the die cut invitation cards a perfect blend of creative ideas and innovations and the list of the varieties of card doesn’t ends here there is lot more at D’or Invitations. It is the best online portal for getting your dream wedding card as they put their soul in making your big day a memorable one. D’or Invitations. offers the uncountable variety and designs of wedding cards as they know the uncountable amount of feelings and happiness people holds in their mind regarding wedding.

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