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It is unanimously believed that our life is an assemblage of transitory moments. But sometimes in those transitory moments, we get memories that lasts forever and never fade with time. Wedding anniversary is an indelible day of our life irrespective of the years that we got married. Whether it’s our 1st or 21st year of marriage anniversaries, wedding anniversaries are the most wonderful way to commemorate our relationship that has stood the test of time. It is the day when we recapitulate all the golden memories related to our marriage and the remarkable moments that we shared in past with our consorts.

Marriage needs plenty of attention and care in order to flourish into something beautiful, the same things are applicable for wedding anniversaries. So, a ravishing wedding anniversary card always adds some new flavour to this ceremony and hence it has become one of the pivotal part of wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversary invitation card has got tethered with this anniversary ceremony in such a way that without the card we can’t imagine to celebrate our wedding anniversary. In wedding anniversary invitation cards, we want to portray that special bond which we often share with our partner. So, when it comes to choosing wedding anniversary invitation cards we can’t afford to compromise on it.

We Indians always have special respect towards our tradition and culture. In fact, in wedding anniversary cards we try to portray these. However, the modern couples of the present generation likes to celebrate a new bond in an old plus new combination, meaning events to be dipped in traditional values and beautified with modern amenities. So, these days Indian wedding anniversary cards are usually bold, colourful and creative in nature. From the colours used to the texts included in the content, everything about the wedding anniversary invitations should be strikingly beautiful. Since this type of event is heeded by our friends, relatives and near & dear ones, so it is mandatory to send wedding anniversary invitation cards along with some personalized touch to all of them. In this way, we can request them to attend the event and also give their blessings to the couple. Basically, sending these wedding invitation cards to guests is the best way to kick off the celebration of our everlasting bond. When it comes to choosing an elegant & beautiful wedding anniversary invitation card then instead of going for any hackneyed pattern we can select some fresh & new options. Therefore, it is vital to choose something different and strikingly beautiful in order to mesmerise our guests. The designs should be alluring enough for the guests to attend the anniversary ceremony. An ideal invitation card should include mandatory details like time, date and venue of the event and of course the name of the guests on the envelope. We can also mention any other relevant information if we want to.

While selecting a design and theme for marriage anniversary card, we can often customise it. Suppose we are going to celebrate fiftieth anniversary, then we can choose radiant gold coloured based wedding anniversary cards which will go perfectly with this occasion. If we are celebrating twenty-fifth year wedding anniversary, then we can hand-pick some eye-catching silver envelopes that will definitely enthral our guests. We can also incorporate some special snapshots or collage into the wedding anniversary invitation cards in order to entice the guests towards the event. Some of us also prefer to design wedding anniversary card like a wedding cake or in a wedding bouquet pattern. Some people also like to add their spouse’s favourite colour, flower and even them in the card in order to exhibit their love.

D’OR invitations is equipped with ample amount of Sample wedding anniversary cards:

Every couple wants to make their wedding anniversary as one of the memorable events in their lives. So, when it comes to selecting wedding anniversary cards, they become very fussy. Wedding anniversary card is not only designed for inviting the guests but couple can keep this card as a token of their love and other beautiful memories related to their married life. “D’OR invitations” is the ultimate choice for people who wants to design their wedding anniversary cards in a unique way. They have adequate amount of card samples to entice customers with their quality of work. Moreover, they also maintain a good relationship with their customers. A person just needs to mention his/her requirements in details. D’OR team will get back to the customers with the best solution that they can provide for their requirements. So, basically D’OR invitations is flourished with so many design samples that we can hardly escape ourselves from its charm. We can expect unique pieces of wedding anniversary invitation cards from them and they will surely come out with something good beyond our imagination.

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