The Muslim Wedding Celebration – A Perfect Display of Grandeur

Muslim Wedding Cards

Marriages (Nikah) are considered an important sacred and social contract between a bride and a groom. It is rightly said, as marriage and family are two social institutions with biological foundations commendatory to each other and these two institutions have been in existence since time immemorial. And are permanent elements in our social system.  Among Muslims, marriage is universal for it discourages celibacy. Marriage is preferred over an unmarried life and is considered important for each and every individual.

The customs, traditions and rituals in Muslim Wedding Celebration are as follows:-

Mehr or dower is a practice associated with Muslim marriage. “Dower is the sum of money or other property which a wife is entitled to get from her husband in consideration of the marriage”.

The purpose of Mehr: As per Muslim law, dower is an obligation imposed upon a husband as a mark of respect for the wife. (I) to put a check on the husband to divorce wife (ii) to enable women to look after herself after her husband’s death or divorce.

  • Proposal of mehr before the marriage: Mehr and marriage discussions go hand in hand. The bride’ s relative called “wali” has an important role to play as he is an elderly relative of the wife who keeps an account of “Mehr”  as a major portion of Mehr is paid to Wali on the third day of the marriage. Mehr is an amount that the wife is entitled to claim when her husband dies or divorces her.
  • Mehr is not Bride– Price: It is not bride price as the wife is not purchased; she is entitled to financial security, as its pre- requisite in the marriage for bride’s consent (qubul) that makes it clear that it signifies the responsibility of the man toward his wife.
  • Sermon: The gathering of nikah is addressed with a marriage sermon (khutba-tun-nikah) by the Muslim officiating the marriage. It invites bride and groom and other guests that are present to assemble and witness the occasion of life of piety, kindness, social responsibility and mutual love.
  • The Marriage Banquet (Walima): The groom also holds a banquet after the marriage in which all neighbors, relatives, and friends are invited to the Walima to the grand marriage feasts. A public declaration that is done on a social gathering that the couple is officially married and are entitled to each other for life.

Choosing Some Special Muslim Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards are an important aspect of a marriage ceremony. Indian Wedding Invitation card designs play an important role in weddings. In changing times, there has been a lot of modification and transformation with regards to marriages in India, as India has a lot of diversity in cultures, religions, and people. So there is a lot of variety in the kind of Indian Wedding Cards.

Muslim Wedding Cards are mostly traditional and comprise of a lot of cultural and traditional reflection that are followed during the wedding.   Invitation Cards for Muslim Wedding is called Valima Cards or Nikah Cards.  They are mostly green in color as this color represents happiness and harmony   and carry a sacred Muslim symbol on the top portion of the invitation card. They are mostly textured. As it a social and religious affair, Muslim Wedding cards are chosen and selected with great care as this invitation is the first step towards making a marriage a social affair as near and dear ones are invited to the wedding with a nicely designed invitation card. The card carries all the details regarding the date, premises, and time of the wedding. And also, a momentum that is immemorial to the couple as it embarks a journey of two individuals towards a new life.

D’OR designs wedding cards keeping in mind the spiritual side of the Islamic Wedding Invitations that are very important to maintain. We also customize wedding cards according to our client’s desires keeping in mind the spirit of this grand celebration. We specialize in embellishments and demonstrate the symbols of the moon and the mosque to maintain the religious standards of the invitation cards.  D’or specializes in Indian Wedding Cards comprising of all the cultures and religions prevalent in India. And people rely on D’Or as it caters the needs, customizes and designs accordingly or as desired by the customer.

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