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India is a diverse country and so are its big fat wedding traditions. Traditionally speaking weddings is multi day affair comprising an uncountable number of ceremonies. But logically considering it is a couple of months’ long affair, where the families of the bride and the groom have to take care of every intricate detail before the finale. The wedding and its ceremonies are joyous affairs full of fun, dancing and connecting with families.  This glorious social event is divided into pre marriage, marriage and post marriage ceremonies, where each reflects exquisite Indian wedding culture.

Going back in history, the weddings were close ended affairs connecting to ancestry, historical beliefs full of delicate rituals and simple religious ceremonies. Weddings those days were not much complicated and elaborate as it is now, which is full of glitzy and glamorous ceremonies. Defining this as modern day weddings, the history and the ceremonial beliefs have been clubbed with glorious parties and dinners in venues full of music and colours.

The Modern day wedding

Taking a step ahead there are professional event planners who help successfully set the entire stage starting from basics like shopping to the grand hosting of Bidai. Hindu Marriages have gone way beyond the old time traditions where the Phere and Kanyadaan Sanskar were done in the Aangan of the bride under brightly lit stars. Today themed destinations and themed wedding ceremonies are taking people away from this custom and the bustle of the city marriages to picturesque, beautiful locations creating memories for life than just a rush through the ceremonial affairs.

Recent marriage trends have seen a lot of western culture involvements, the Sangeet and Mehndi nights have been replaced by cocktail dinners and bachelor parties etc. Accommodating the traditions and ceremonies between these glamorous evenings, today’s culture is adopting fusion in events rather than going traditionally solo.

Exotic Themed wedding Destinations

Going back to wedding destinations, India is an exotic country and can cater to any type of wedding functions making it a life long cherished event. With the capacity to offer a choice of wedding ranging from bizarre to mysterious can fascinate any to adorn their special occasion in such places. The breathtaking locations comprising snow capped mountains, beautiful architecture, beaches, lazy back waters and historical cities, etc are full of grandeur and fascinating history making the marriages an enormous yet a peaceful affair full of all cultural aspects.

Marriages have an aura of romance in the air, to keep it alive one of the most sought after destination is Udaipur, Rajasthan.  It is one of the most stunning places for weddings due to its deep rooted royal heritage. They can convert the weddings into an entirely traditional affair, a contemporary one or a fusion between the two. Full of unique charisma, marriages here are full of exciting innovations clubbed with traditional legacy.

The fancy wedding cards

The innovations of weddings are falling upon the wedding cards as well. Discussing the ceremonial and royal Hindu marriage, the Hindu wedding invitations are equally grandiose and magnificent as their weddings are. These cards represent the love and bonding of family tied by an auspicious motif represented by gods or holy symbols.

Hindu weddings are a detailed and highly involved affair full of rituals and entertainment that continues for days. A well designed wedding card announces and details each of these ceremonies in a memorable and meaningful way. Today the cards are being designed keeping the theme and the location of the weddings in mind. They can be absolutely contemporary to skilfully traditional keeping the remarkable occasion in mind.

Unlike the olden days cards which had short information printed on regular sheets, these cards have breathtaking designs combined with supreme quality output on gorgeous colourful papers. These cards provide an exciting peep into the perfect wedding ceremonies by reflecting the style and the theme of each individual occasion.

Gracefully and sophisticatedly designed D’OR Invitations

The D’OR invitation cards are designed keeping wedding style and theme in mind. They are completely equipped with appropriate content, giving a blend of both traditional and modern substances based on the ceremonial requirement. Their specialised Hindu wedding invitations are made with detailed ornamental designs, glittery accents or lavish layouts which display elegance for any type of wedding plan.

D’OR invitations also specialises in personalising the card by incorporating a colour scheme or a special font, a photograph, a personal embellishment etc thus making it more stylish and momentous for the event. These cards can also be designed maintaining the exact theme of the wedding intact.

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