Stunning Invitation Card with the Right Printing and Stationery

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Plan for a Stunning Invitation Card with the Right Printing and Stationery

Throughout our lives, we celebrate several occasions and we want our close friends and relations to be witnesses to our happiness. Sending out invitations is most ideal way to convey to our friends and relations that we are looking forward to their presence in the happiest moments of our lives. This custom has been widely followed since very early times after it was started by the emperors and kings who used to send out lavishly decorated cards to their guests for the purpose of invitation. Since then, several centuries have passed. But the custom of sending out invitations has remained just the same.

As times have changed, the designs, styles and themes of invitation cards have also undergone transformation. Influence of different cultures as well the rise of professional card designers have brought in a very positive change in the world of invitation cards. Improved printing techniques and cleverly designed stationery make for beautiful invitation cards, whether for wedding or birthday. For any invitation card, the kind of paper and the type of printing are of utmost importance. In fact, the kind of paper to be chosen depends a lot on the type of printing.

Prominent Printing Techniques

Every type of printing lends a different style to the invitation cards. Printing also happens to be a very important deciding factor in the price of invitation cards. Let us take a look into some important printing techniques of invitations:

  • Engraving – One of the most expensive forms of printing, this technique requires thick paper and thick ink. It is generally used in formal invitations. The letters are dented at the back and raised at the front.
  • Thermography – It looks just like engraving and is used in formal invitations, but the back of the letters are not dented. The letters are shinier and mostly printed on cotton fiber. However, it is advisable to avoid shimmery paper as it does not look appealing with shiny letters. Thermography is much cheaper than engraving.
  • Digital – The fastest and one of the most widely used printing techniques, it offers high quality and is done on thinner papers.
  • Offset – It is more expensive than digital, but offers a lot more color options. It takes more time than digital but the quality and vibrancy of the letters are indeed superior. Offset printing is ideal for casual invites.


Stationery – Important Accessories of Invitation Cards

Together with the right printing type, invitations must be accessorized with the right stationery.

  • Envelope – It is mandatory for every invitation card across all cultures, whether it is Indian marriage invitations or American birthday party invitations, to be with its envelope. No matter how special the invitation card is, without an envelope it is considered impolite to send out invitations.
  • Envelope Liners – Beautiful photographic or design envelope liners are very popularly used with invitation cards nowadays. Even text liners are also preferred by many.
  • Menu Cards – At the ceremony, lavish feasts are musts and so are the menu cards. Themed menu cards with interesting descriptions of the individual items add to the fun element of the ceremony.
  • Program Cards – This stationery mentions the various events of the ceremony as well as their timings. Mostly they match with the theme of the main ceremony invites.
  • Table Cards – This is used in ceremonies where tables are reserved for the guests. The name of the guest is printed on this card and fixed on the table. These cards are simple with boldly printed letters on a white or light coloured background.
  • Money Envelopes – These are of great use to the guests who wish to gift money. These envelopes are bright, colourful and look stunning. They are available in beautiful designs suitable for the occasion.
  • Thank You Cards – Now you can express your gratitude to your guests for attending your function. Send them simple yet elegant thank you cards.

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