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Sikh Punjabi Wedding

Weddings are joyous affairs that start with sending expressively designed invites to the friends and relatives. The regality of the event reflects in the exquisite design of the wedding invitation card expressing beauty and elegance through their range of styles put together on an exclusive piece of paper. Talking about styles of weddings, Punjabis are known for their exuberant style weddings. Famously known are their wedding cards splashed with bold colors, vivacious patterns and hues. Their cards are famously highlighted with motifs and symbols like dancers, palanquin or religious symbols. Reflecting their personal styles the Punjabi wedding cards have variety of simple, elegant, loud, contemporary, traditional designs to choose from, clearly reflecting their wedding style and theme.

Respecting and highlighting the emotion of the day these special cards are now being meticulously designed using delicate materials, different type of papers, use of soft pastels to vibrant colors, handcrafted etc. wooing the guests with the perfection in finished products.

Punjabi Wedding Invitations

These wedding invites are as pompous as their weddings. Allowing picking from the unmatched collection there can be Punjabi invitation cards, Sikh wedding invitation or even Punjabi Sikh wedding cards etc. Be it a modern or contemporary design these cards are a perfect sync to the special moment inviting loved ones to grace the occasion and bless the newly weds. Although the wedding cards have been evolved, they still offer captivating and unique intricate art work blending both modern and traditional art. These wedding cards signify the fun and excitement of the occasion amalgamated with glitter and designs etc engulf in age old traditions.

Although these wedding cards come in various formats each using intricate techniques comprising conventional or present day designs aiming to create notion of joy and good memories for years to come. Being an important announcement for a treasured event, these cards play a very important role. They inform the invitees about the events and ceremonies, the location, other details etc. Many of the cards are designed theme based formally informing the guest about the event, its nature and the dress code etc.

Maintaining the sentiments of the event, people have become very conscious in selecting or designing the card. The card preference is changing from a simple design on a regular thick sheet of paper to a detailed description of wedding in a combination of flashy, fancy, elegant and vibrant exclusively crafted cards. Carrying the tradition of frolic and bright colors ahead the Punjabi wedding cards have facelift unbeatable designs to choose from.

  • Ornate based cards designed with Kundan, gold or silver leafing, Swarovski or any other ornaments adorn these cards giving them a rich and graceful look. The ornamental work is mainly on envelope and the main card designed on a shimmery paper. Many also choose to have a religious symbol embossed using unique ornaments. Although such type of cards give a very customary look but they are considered highly fashionable in wedding card designs.
  • Scroll wedding invitations; adds the aristocratic touch to the grand wedding. These royal, medial era inspired invitations are exceptionally beautiful adding astonishing look to the card. They have been creatively and artistically designed adding bench mark to the wedding invitations. Wrapped in a stunning case or an envelope they are best suited to enhance once in a lifetime occasion, by adding majestic character to the wedding.
  • Colourful wedding invitations: lately there has been a downpour of bright colours in the invitations with addition to the colour selection like Navy, Aqua, Teal, Fuchsia, shades of yellows and greens etc. These burst of colours are being used in the most unexpectedly creative ways making the each card stand apart from the other.
  • Apart from these the other type of popularly chosen design is the box invite where the cards are placed inside a box along with the sweets etc. These types of cards are specially made on order as per the specifications and the requirements.

The D’Or wedding card exclusivity

Known for their exquisite designs and unique creativity D’or ensures that each card is different from another. Each marriage is entirely a different and a valuable experience, maintaining the thought and sentiment their team is extremely creative to create an invite that not only highlights the occasion but is absolutely exclusive matching the style of the host and the event. The varied choice of card formats to choose from and exclusive use of colours matching the occasion or even the dress of the bride gives an absolute distinctive look to the invitation.

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