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Wedding is a very important occasion in the life of an individual and as such, it deserves the best of everything. Weddings demand months of planning and preparation, just to make sure nothing goes wrong on that special day. Wedding stationery is very important for any wedding, just as much important as the wedding invites themselves. Some common examples of wedding stationery are table cards, name cards, direction cards or route maps, personalized stamps, envelope seals, itinerary, RSVP cards, etc. While the wedding cards carry the actual invitation, the wedding stationery furnishes the guests with additional information about the wedding like the details of the venue, timings of the wedding rituals, etc. Let us take a deeper look into some important wedding stationery:


  • Table Place Cards – These small sized cards direct the guests to their seating place. They contain the name of the guest with the table number which is assigned to him or her. They are generally simple in design; the letters are printed in bold font in bright colors with lighter backgrounds for better visibility from a distance. But for Indian weddings, designs are preferred along the borders. The designs are generally matched with the Indian wedding invitation designs.
  • Itinerary – When it comes to Indian marriage cards, itinerary is a must. An itinerary gives details of the wedding rituals together with the timings. Itinerary or program cards are provided to the guests along with the wedding invites, mostly in the same envelope.
  • Route Maps or Direction Cards – We all want our guests to reach the venue of the wedding safely, without getting confused and wasting hours in trying to locate the actual venue. Direction cards provide the route maps, detailed direction and address along with the nearest landmarks for the benefit of the guests. It is better to keep the direction card simple and not jam it with designs.
  • Envelope Seals and Personalized Stamps – If you wish to add a personal touch to Indian marriage invitations, go for personalized envelope seals. Indian wedding card envelope seals generally include images of Ganesha, Kalash, Om, etc. whereas Islamic wedding card seals contain the half moon, stars and other auspicious symbols.
  • RSVP Cards – In a wedding it is important for the hosts to know how many guests would actually attend the wedding so that they can make arrangements accordingly. This is where RSVP cards are so important. RSVP stands for the French ‘Respondez Sil Vous Plait’ which translates to ‘Please Respond’ in English. So, the guests are expected to respond within the date mentioned in the card. However, many guests confuse this with ‘Regrets Only’ and respond only if they cannot attend the event. RSVP cards are generally about 3 inches in length and breadth and includes enough space for the guest to put in his or her response.
Why Is Wedding Stationery Important?
  • Have you ever imagined what would happen if your guests cannot find the exact location of the wedding?
  • Ever given a second thought about how much confusion will be created if the guests are not able to find their seating arrangements?
  • Have you wondered how difficult it is going to get for you as a host if you do not know how many guests will actually attend?

To avoid such chaos and confusion, wedding stationery are necessary. Everything goes on smoothly if the RSVP cards, table place cards, direction cards and itinerary are provided to the guests at the right time. So make use these important wedding stationery to avoid any trouble at the main event.

Selection of Wedding Stationery: The Theme and The Wording


It is better to keep the themes, designs, fonts and colors of the wedding stationery and the invitation card same. However, many choose to make them different to break the monotony. It is advisable to go for wedding stationery in light backgrounds and bold letters. Also, it is better to select wedding stationery with simple and easy to understand wording to eliminate any chance of misunderstanding.

Printing of Wedding Stationery


The stores selling wedding cards print every type of wedding stationery. You can also choose to place online orders.

The Best Place To Shop Wedding Stationery

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