Make your Wedding Cards as Grand as the Wedding Itself

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Marriage is one of the most important occasions in the life of an individual and calls for special celebrations. Every arrangement – the venue, the decorations, the food, the music, the lighting, etc. in a wedding needs to be perfect and also according to the traditions. Even the wedding cards need to be in keeping with the wedding celebrations and theme. Distributing wedding invites among the guests is an age old tradition which marks the beginning of a marriage preparation. Nowadays, many interesting designs and themes are used on wedding cards which lend a modern touch to them, but at the same time the auspicious religious symbols are never ignored.

The Common Aspect of the Wedding Cards: The Traditions

 Indian wedding invitation designs are quite diverse considering the various cultures and religions that make up the Indian population. In spite of this, the basic design details of wedding invites of a particular religion remains the same. For instance, Gods and Goddesses, the symbol ‘OM’, etc. are found on almost every Hindu marriage invitation card, it does not matter if the Hindu wedding is taking place in Delhi or Mumbai. Similarly, it is hardly of any significance where an Islamic wedding is taking place. The auspicious Islamic symbols of the half crescent moon and the stars are found generally on almost all Islamic wedding cards.

Modernization of Wedding Cards

 When it comes to wedding invites, the traditional colors, designs and styles are the most widely used. But nowadays, wedding cards have undergone a design transformation. Modern designs, themes and textures make the cards look beautiful. The modern Indian wedding invitation cards designs provide the perfect blend of elegance and traditional values. Instead of the traditional colors like red, orange, yellow for Hindu cards and green, blue, purple for Islamic cards, pretty pastel shades of pink, mauve, turquoise, aquamarine are popularly used. Stunning golden and silver metallic shimmers on white or cream or off-white Indian marriage cards add a royal touch. Exquisite floral motifs, designs with the love symbol, gods and goddesses, symbols of peace, prosperity and happiness are etched on the cards for a complete look and feel.

Just as many weddings today are theme based, Indian wedding invites may also be based on themes which make the cards exclusive and attractive. So, don’t just go for any old design for your wedding invite. Take a look at the modern themes and choose the one which will be just as special as your wedding.

Wedding Card Themes 

  • Peacock Theme Cards – Peacock is not only the national bird of India, but is also considered to be auspicious. Hence, this beautiful bird finds a proud place in Indian wedding cards. Awesome

designs featuring peacocks in different poses and the beautiful peacock feathers are just perfect for any wedding. Metallic shimmer looks great with peacock theme wedding cards.

  • Floral Theme Cards – As the name suggests, this theme primarily uses different floral designs to glam up the cards. Flowers like roses, lily, marigold, lotus, tuberose, etc. are mainly depicted in the wedding cards which symbolize the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Gold and silver touches may be provided to highlight the floral patterns.  Perfumes are also sprayed on such cards for a beautiful feel.
  • Radha Krishna Theme Cards – Krishna, the Hindu God and Radha, his consort were eternal lovers and so it is widely believed that having them on the wedding cards bring love in the marriage. Images of Radha and Krishna set against the backdrop of stunning scenery are very popular in Hindu wedding invitations. Such cards are generally brightly colored and makes good use of contrasts.
  • Bride Groom Theme Cards – As you can easily guess, the bride and groom get all importance in this theme. These cards depict the bride and the groom taking part in the marriage rituals and promising to stay together forever.


The Best Way to Shop for Wedding Cards

 When it comes to getting that perfect Indian wedding card, shopping online is the best option. You can easily browse through the entire collection of the online suppliers, make your choice and place an order without running from pillar to post. Among the online card suppliers, D’or Invitations is a very good choice because of their wide range of designs and equally attractive prices. Their collection of designer wedding cards as well as the fabric and laser cut ones are especially eye-catching. Guaranteed on-time delivery make D’or Invitations a great choice among online wedding card suppliers.

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