How to Make Your Wedding Ceremony in the United States a Completely Traditional One?

Indian Wedding

If you are a fan of typical Bollywood movies, the family drama type ones, particularly the ones produced by Barjatyas then it is highly possible that you are in love with the colors of Indian wedding! The way Hindu weddings are portrayed in such movies is simply awesome, making every parent desire to have that kind of wedding ceremony for their son or daughter…

The craze of Indian weddings is not just limited to the Indian land, but it has reached the western countries as well. Indian citizens and even NRIs living in different parts of the United States are more inclined towards organizing their wedding in a completely Indian, or rather say, traditional way. Well, the traditions that add so many flavors to the wedding begin right with the design and contents of the wedding cards. Be it the Indian wedding cards in New York or New Jersey, people are going crazy about the absolutely traditional elements of wedding cards.

Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding traditions


But, it is not just the wedding card that brings the traditional touch to the wedding ceremony, there are many rituals that ought to be followed, and the key ones have been jotted down in this piece of writing. So, check them out!
Rituals apart from the Hindu marriage invitation card
Growth, harmony, and happiness are the three prime aspects of Hindu wedding ceremony. So, if you are in US and desire to make your wedding ceremony look as Indian as possible, then the below mentioned rituals are necessary to consider:

Jaimala: Also known as the exchange of garlands, this ritual is actually a gesture or sign of accepting each other, and taking a pledge that preserve respect of one another, as partners. This ritual is particularly interesting as it involves tons of fun, where the family members of both the sides try to lift the bride and the groom as high as possible.

Kanyadaan: This is perhaps the most popular form of Hindu marriage ritual, which you can see even in the Indian movies, where an emotional father hands over his sweet daughter to his would-be son-in-law. It is a way of requesting the groom to accept the bride as his equal partner. No doubt, it is absolutely essential to mention this ritual in the Indian marriage cards contents.

Haven: Fire is always considered as a sacred element, and hence it is mandatory to light fire in a Hindu wedding ceremony. Crushed sandalwood, sugar rice, herbs, as well as ghee (oil) are used to produce this scared fire. Basically, it is a way to invoke the God of Fire. Most of the traditional wedding cards in India contain a symbol or sacred fire. So, you can certainly consider this idea to make your online Indian wedding cards in Chicago design more traditional.

Gath Bandhan: Again, this is the most widely used and showed Hindu marriage ritual in the typical masala Bollywood movies. This ritual involves the tying of the scared nuptial knot, and once the scarves of the bride and the groom are tied properly, they get into an eternal bond.

Mangalpheras: It is a continuation of the last mentioned Hindu marriage ritual; after tying the knot, the couple takes seven rounds around the fire, and it should be in a clockwise direction. The Mangalpheras actually represent seven key goals in life. Bollywood movies leave no stone unturned to present this scene in as dramatic way as possible! Remember the guests around showing flower petals on the bride and the groom?

Apart from them, there are many more rituals involved in the Hindu wedding ceremonies, such as Saptapardi (seven steps together), Jalastchana, Sindoor, Ashirwad, Mehendi and Mangalsutra. Among them, it is essential to include Mehendi in the Indian wedding cards in Atlanta designs or anywhere else. There are many ways to know more about the rituals and get them printed on your wedding cards. d’Or Invitations is one such website that deals in all sorts of Indian wedding cards designs, including their content. So, browse through them and include the elements that can make your Indian wedding in the United States as Indian and traditional as possible. On the fun part, do watch some Bollywood movies to get inspired!

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