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The Muslim Wedding Celebration – A Perfect Display of Grandeur

Muslim Wedding Cards

Marriages (Nikah) are considered an important sacred and social contract between a bride and a groom. It is rightly said, as marriage and family are two social institutions with biological foundations commendatory to each other and these two institutions have been in existence since time immemorial. And are permanent elements in our social system.  Among Muslims, marriage is universal for it discourages celibacy. Marriage is preferred over an unmarried life and is considered important for each and every individual. The customs, traditions and rituals in Muslim Wedding Celebration are as follows:- Mehr or dower is a practice associated with Muslim…
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Make Your Muslim Wedding Cards In India

Wedding ceremonies in India are organized in a very grand and lavish way, regardless of which community the marriage belongs to. No matter if you are attending a Hindu or a Muslim wedding in India, in both of them you will experience numerous traditions and rituals. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that separate out the Muslim wedding ceremonies from the Hindu ones, and the same differences can be spot in the wedding card designs as well. If you compare the wedding card designs of a Muslim to that of a Hindu one then you will clearly see the difference in…
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Get Designer & Personalized Christian Wedding Cards

Christian weddings look pretty simple, peaceful and classy. Many people think that these weddings do not require planning and are budget friendly. But, mind you my friends, even Christian weddings involve a great deal of work! It can be said that the simplicity is equal to complexity at the Christian weddings. And when it comes to wedding cards to be sent to guests near and far, there is lot of effort to be put. One need not get confused when designing Christian wedding cards with DIY projects. In order to get perfect look for the card, all one needs to…
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Top Wedding Vendor Experts For Indian Wedding Invitation

Wedding Vendors Online

Finding Best Wedding Vendor Experts For Indian Wedding Invitation, Venue, Décor And Lots More At One Place! A pretty and elegant invitation is a splendid way to kick start the wedding celebration.. The tradition has been prevalent in almost all cultures, and India has always given great importance to tending to all guests, which only makes this event, even more unique and special. Not to forget, the extravagant celebration that accompanies this event and the traditional facet of the wedding only adds o the intrigue and the joy associated with the wedding. The selection of a wedding jewelry or other…
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