Indian Wedding Card Etiquette

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Unlike olden days, couples these days have unlimited options of wedding invitations. They have a choice from traditional Indian Wedding Invitation designs to cool and eccentric designs. A marriage card let the couples portray their style and they also give a glimpse of the awaited events to the guests.
Indian Wedding Invitation have a long history, this legacy was started by the kings and queens, who used to send the wedding invites to their guests in their own traditional way. The legacy is still followed and a lot of wedding invitation etiquette are still well preserved and followed in every Indian wedding. Many of the etiquettes are still followed today as they were followed generations before. We still follow the same rules of addressing the envelopes, information that should be included in the invite and which should not be.
Here we have combined some traditional and modern Indian marriage cards etiquettes, which can let your personality shine.
Portraying your feelings with the correct use of words
Words have the power to influence anyone. So on such a special day of your life-like wedding, the decorum of everything should be well maintained, even if they are small little words on your wedding invite. Use of formal dialect on wedding invitations is still the most prevalent style. The use of formal dialect is mostly apt for a traditional wedding— a wedding following all the traditional cultures and customs. The use of formal language will let the guests expect a truly sophisticated event.
An example of a formal Indian wedding invitation:

For a more bucolic, capricious and artistic marriage a much more relaxed language can be used. Suiting to your personality best, you can choose from different available language dialects.
Be very specific in mentioning different details.
Though there is a room for choice in choosing the dialect of the language, but there is hardly any scope in showing your creativity in mentioning the most essential details in most of the Indian marriage cards. The essential information on cards are represented by three Ws.
• When: The date, month and year in addition to the time of the event should be clearly mentioned.
• Who: The name of bride and groom should be noticeably included in the Indian wedding card. In formal invites, full name of the hosts are also included.
• Where: The address of the venue should be well defined along with its address.
As per the general rule, only the key information should be included in the main invitation. Though guests also prefer to have additional information like:
• Map: The map and the clear directions to the venue, are highly appreciated.
• Attire: The dress code in case of theme wedding is also preferred.
• Accommodation details: The details of accommodation are highly appreciated by outstation guests.
• Activities: An Indian wedding usually accomplished with a number of events, each event should be mentioned in detail.
Dispatching the invites
The cover or to say envelope should never be taken for granted, it’s an important member of your invite. Remember to address each envelope with proper name and address of the invitee. Handwriting play an important role, in addressing the invitee, in present times, instead of handwritten addresses, the printed address slips are normally preferred. Remember the following points while addressing the envelopes.
• Mention the full name of the guest, along with suitable social titles.
• Write the return address on the back of the flap.
• Write the full spellings of every word of the address. Clearly mention the house numbers in numerals
• Include the Zip codes.
The cards should be sent to the guests six to eight weeks in advance. This will give guests sufficient time to manage their schedule. It is advised to send invites about 3 months in advance for destination wedding.
Finding the most apt dealer for your wedding invite.
Just knowing all the etiquettes of a perfect wedding card is not just enough. It is more important to execute each detail with perfection. Getting your wedding card ready for the special day is a daunting task. For completing this task with perfection you will need a well-managed, experienced and successful wedding card professional. A successful wedding card dealer is one who understands your requirements and then execute it to meet those requirements to their best. A virtuous dealer will also help you with appropriate ideas. In a market full of thousands of Indian wedding card dealers, searching the most apt one is difficult. Thankfully in such a competitive world we have few dealers we can trust upon with closed eyes, the Dor Invitation is a perfect example for it.

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