Famous beliefs and superstations Common in an Indian wedding

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Indian wedding is a grand event. Every pre and post wedding rituals, hold a distinct significance. The name of Indian wedding in itself is enough to fill our brains with the lavish images of fun, food, music, dance, clothes, jewellery, awesome Indian wedding cards, age old traditions and customs. Amidst all these we cannot forget about a lot many beliefs and superstitions, which play a very important in almost every Indian wedding. They have an ultimate power of bringing in sudden joy or a sudden distraught. All possible measures are taken to preclude the undesirable impinges on marriage functions and to make sure that the wedding couple have a perfect life together. In almost every part of India, a number of beliefs and superstitions related to weddings, are followed. These beliefs and superstitions are passed to us from our ancestors.

Some of the common beliefs and superstitions related to weddings:

  1. God is always the first Invitee: Almost in every wedding, the first Indian wedding card is presented to God. It is believed since ages, that the presence of God will make all the things go smooth and all the marriage ceremonies can be conducted peacefully.
  1. After the engagement, bride is asked to carry a knife along with her:It is believed that a sharp object can protect the bride from all evil eyes, and hence she is required to keep a knife or any other sharp object along with her, in between the period of her engagement and wedding.
  1. Colour of mehndi plays an important role: Applying mehndi on the hands and feet of the going to be bride is celebrated as a grand ceremony. It is accompanied with a lot of music and dance. However this famous tradition is not untouched by the age old superstition. It is considered that the darker will be the colour of her mehndi, the more she will be loved by her husband and his family.
  1. Sudden up burst of rain on the wedding day:Though the rain can spoil the arrangements of the wedding, but it is considered very auspicious. Rain of the wedding day is supposed to bring wealth and harmony to the newly wedded couple.
  1. Bride cannot design or make her own wedding dress: Showing of the creativity and making her own dress can bring ill luck to the bride.
  1. Tossing rice on the couple: The tradition of tossing rice on the couple is quite prevalent, not only in India but in many parts of the world. The newly wed is showered with blessings by throwing rice over them. It is said to bring harmony and abundance to the couple. Many people also believe that showering rice protect the couple from evil eye.
  1. Throwing the bouquet:Before leaving with the groom, bride is made to throw the bouquet toward the unmarried girls present on her wedding. Anyone who catches it, is supposed to get married next.
  1. Spilling of boiling milk:Spattering of the boiling milk, before and even after marriage is considered to be a bad omen. It is said to bring bad luck. Therefore precautions are taken in families, to avoid the spilling of milk when boiling it.
  1. Good marvels and the bad marvels:Spotting a black cat or rainbow is considered as a good omen, while spotting a lizard, pig, or an open grave, is a bad omen.
  1. Other beliefs and superstitions:There are many other such superstitions are beliefs, which are eyed upon in every Indian wedding. Every custom from matching the horoscopes, to sending the Indian wedding cards, to the bride’s dress and even until after few days of wedding, is bounded by many popular beliefs and superstitions. Some other common beliefs and superstitions are:
  • Sending Lentil balls to the groom’s house, to ensure that his kitchen will always flourish.
  • Stammering of lit candles is believed to be an evil omen.
  • The bride is supposed to enter the groom’s house with her right leg.
  • Matched earrings is supposed to bring good luck to the newly wed.

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