DIY Ideas For Indian Wedding Cards Without Investing Fortune!


The latest trend with regard to the wedding cards in India which is being transported from the western countries is DIY. If you are wondering what DIY is, it means Do It Yourself. With the creativity of people on verge and with lots of advancement in the internet searching tools, one can come out with innovated DIY wedding invitations irrespective of it being simple or complex. Increasing numbers of people are setting up to save hard earned money through fun DIY techniques.

There are limitless ideas if you wish to assemble some beautiful Indian wedding invitation designs online. Due to the blooming economic rates, it is always smart to cut down expenses as and when we get the opportunity to do so.



Paper choices to look out for Indian wedding card

One can come across enough variety with respect to the finishes, weights and types of papers. These can spin your head and make you a busy bee for the coming weeks. Let us get a glimpse of few suggestions when you are about to choose some paper types for DIY wedding cards.

  • Finish: The finish of the paper will showcase the quantity of ink that will be required to print on the card. Glossy feel papers will need much ink than thought of and the time it takes to dry is also more. Textured and linen papers have an inclination to bleeding, and they might not work with any home printers. If you are not a nerdy and cannot research much then having a matted paper is perfect, and there is no stress associated with the paper as well.
  • Weighty issue: The thickness of any card paper is known by its weight. To impress the fellow guests with the Indian wedding card, you can use a thick paper. The thicker the paper, the more weight it carries. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you need to select thickest of all!

For purchasing the paper for a card, it is better to get into the local stationery shops where you can come across glossy to photo paper and other stocks. However, for special styled or linen papers, you would have to struggle a bit online. Before purchasing volumes of paper, get some samples, test for the ink prints and then see if it is usable or not for designing awesome Indian wedding cards.

Creative tips for designing Indian wedding invitations

After covering the paper type or card aspect, let’s go through certain plans about the designing aspect of the wedding card in the prettiest manner.

  • Designing the cards: If you have stepped forward to design the card then probably you must be having some pictures in the mind. You need to dig into your talent zone and come up with innovations to turn your vision into reality. You can even learn and grasp knowledge from the web and raise your crafty side. You ought to do some quick homework on matters like- layout styles, typography, designing, wordings and context, and other aspects.
  • Finding patterns: Having less experience with designing? No problem at all! There are free websites from where you can lend designs or even purchase them. Give thanks to the World Wide Web and get some designs directly into your pocket.
  • Colour combinations: This might look a damn easy job, but when you sit down making a choice then you shall be scratching your heads. With number of choices laid in front of you, it becomes puzzling what to choose and what to eliminate. You can sit with your partner and discuss the colour themes as per the style of the wedding.


Now that everything is explained to you in easy terms, the time has come to execute all the above plans. To get the spirit of Indian wedding, initiate the work of online Indian wedding cards one to two months before the due date. To enhance your bond with your partner, arrange romantic dates with him or her and discuss about the wedding cards. It is a great idea to spend time with your beloved and at the same time get the wedding prints prepared. However, if you guys are still confused then have a chat with D’or Invitations, they shall work as a magic hand for the wedding card ideas!

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