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Muslim Wedding Cards

Marriages may be made in heaven, but the wedding celebrations and rituals take place right here, in this world, in presence of family and friends of the bride and the groom. For every culture across the world, weddings are occasions of unadulterated joy and deserves the best of everything.

Islam is the second largest religious group in the world and constitutes about 25 percent of the world population. Whichever country they may be settled in at present, there is no dearth in wedding celebrations and observing rituals. The Muslims are very strict when following religious laws and they make sure that none of the Islamic rules are breached while solemnizing a marriage. But the celebrations and practices are as varied as the country where they have settled in. So the wedding traditions depend on the local culture as well as on the sect. But no matter where they are in this world, accumulation of guests and arrangement of grand feasts are the musts in any Islamic wedding.

Now the question is how do the guests know about the date, time and venue of the wedding? Yes, you are absolutely correct. The Islamic wedding card plays a very important role here. Wedding cards are not just a means to invite guests for the most important event of someone’s life, they also signify family status and personal taste. An Islamic wedding card needs to have the religious elements as well as sophistication and elegance. It is the best to let the bride and the groom choose the wedding invite of their choice.

The Ceremonies of an Islamic Marriage:

 An Islamic marriage is essentially a religious obligation between the couple and Allah, the most supreme. Let us take a look into the traditions of an Islamic marriage:

Meher – The groom issues a formal statement and agrees to a financial gift to his wife. In general an amount is decided which can be paid by the groom to the wife throughout their married life. Nowadays, a ring gifted by the groom to his wife is considered to be the guarantee for Meher.

Nikaah – This is the main ceremony in which the groom or his representatives proposes to the bride and specifies the terms of Meher. If both agree to the terms then the bride and the groom say the words ‘Qabul’ thrice each. Thereafter, the contract is signed by both the bride and the groom along with two male witnesses. The marriage now becomes legal in the eyes of the law and religion. After this the couple shares a sweet fruit and the celebrations begin after prayers and blessings. Guests bless the newly-wed couple for a happy married life and enjoy a grand feast consisting of biryani, kebabs, chaps, firni and other Islamic delicacies.

What makes an Islamic Wedding Card So Grand?

An Islamic wedding card is striking for its stunning designs and beautiful motifs. Traditional styles were more popular before but now the modern designs are fast catching up. The traditional symbols like the half crescent moon, stars as well as the floral patterns and metallic finishes make the wedding cards very attractive.

When it comes to Islamic wedding cards, design, language and fragrance are the most important.

  • Design – Designer wedding cards are fast becoming popular. These cards are exclusive in their design and feel. Exclusively handcrafted wedding cards may be costlier compared to the rest, but they add glamour to the wedding and certainly attract the attention of the invitees. Psychedelic designs with impressions of the moon, stars, and heart sign add a touch of aristocracy to the already beautiful wedding cards. Scroll designs are also very popular. Use of gold, silver and metallic shimmer make the card absolutely gorgeous. The language in the invite needs to be particularly polite and classy.
  • Fragrance – Using scented paper for wedding cards as well as spraying perfumes and aroma oils on the Islamic wedding cards is a very popular custom. Different perfumes and scented oils are mixed together to impart the perfect aroma to each card.

Whom To Trust with your Wedding Invite?

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