Bengali wedding cards illustrates that how much Bengalis are concerned about their culture and tradition

Bengali Wedding

It is believed that Bengal is known as the land of culture & tradition and Bengalis are blessed with their cultural heritage. That’s why in every Bengali wedding, we Bengalis try to portray this rich and flamboyant Bengali culture so delightfully that it is a pleasure to watch. So, a Bengali wedding is basically a unique and must watch event for anyone especially for those who had the privilege to attend it.

Ululation and blow conch shell are the most obligatory part of any Bengali wedding and people often find that ladies are the one who indulge themselves with these. Shehnai recital played by live musicians or with the help of music box also adds some extra flavour to the ceremony. From creating the Bengali wedding cards to sindoor daan and till the reception, Bengalis make sure that everything is happening at its best!

A typical Bengali wedding embraces with a series of colourful and elaborate rituals which are not only enjoyable but also have some inner meaning and hence plays a significant role for nuptial life. All Bengali rituals are very spellbinding & consequential and it provides ample opportunities to every one so that they can spend some quality time with their loved ones. Therefore, families mention all the important events in the Bengali wedding card invites so that all the guests participate and enjoy the event to the fullest.

Pre wedding rituals-Pre wedding rituals start with Vriddhi puja which is done basically to remember and please our ancestors so that both bride and groom will get THE blessings from their progenitors. Vriddhi is followed by Dodhi Mongal where some married ladies embellish the bride’s hands with a pair of traditional bangles called Shakha & Paula and later the bride and groom is fed with some traditional foods made up with curd and rice. This is the only food that they are supposed to take throughout the day. The next is Gaye Holud Tattwa ritual where the bride is sent some gifts from her in laws. The final step is Snal ritual in which married women apply turmeric paste to the couple. According to Bengalis, turmeric is very auspicious thing and that’s why it is used in most of the Bengali rituals. Moreover, turmeric is also very helpful for skin and it makes skin brighter. After completion of Snan, both bride and groom are dressed up with new cloths.

The wedding rituals-The wedding rituals begins by welcoming the groom when he enters the wedding venue. Usually, bride’s mother welcomes the groom with “Baran dala”. Then the groom and his family are served some special dishes and drinks. Bride side people are always ready to care of each and every request made by groom and his relatives. All close friends and relatives are invited through Bengali wedding cards. Once groom gets seated under the Chadnatola (wedding canopy), he is supposed to change his old clothes and wear new cloths which is given by bride’s side. Then the bride is escorted to the canopy by her brothers and uncles.

The bride is usually seated on a lower wooden tool which is called “piri “and she is lifted by some male persons and is taken around the groom in seven complete circles. This ritual is known as “Saat paak”. The next step is “Subho dristi” where the first time both bride and groom can see each other faces in front of their family members and guests. After the completion of “Subho dristi” bride and groom exchange their garlands and this ritual is known as “Mala Badal”. After that an elderly member from bride’s side which is usually bride’s father puts bride’s hands over the groom’s hand and this ritual is called “Sampradhan”. Now bride and groom are supposed to take care of each other throughout their life and will never leave each other under any circumstances. The bride and groom sits in front of the sacred fire and chant mantras are recited by the priest. Finally, “sindoor daan” takes place as an ending ritual. Here groom applies sindoor or vermilion over the bride’s hair parting and takes her as his life partner.

Post wedding Rituals-

Bengali Wedding Invitation

Bengali Wedding Invitation

After the wedding, Basar ghar ceremony takes place where newly wedded couple is treated warmly and they are surrounded by their friends & relatives. Some functions and funny games are also played here. The next day is called Bidai ceremony which means farewell where the bride has to bid adieu with blessings of her parents & relatives and has to enter a new life with her beau. Once the bride arrives at her in-laws’ place, the first ceremony that happens from the groom side is “Bodhu boran”. Here bride is welcomed by elderly family members and is introduced with other relatives & neighbours.

The very next day is “Bou bhat”. In order to celebrate this, a grand reception is thrown from the groom’s side where everybody comes to give their blessings to the newly wedded couple. Groom’s family plans out a special Bengali invitation to call their guests and in Bengali wedding cards they mention the date, place & other details to request the guests to participate and bless the couple. Some special preparations are made in advance to have a smooth event & everyone enjoys to the fullest and relishes some lip smacking foods and drinks.

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