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Bridal Shower designs

Every girl goes through many emotions, right from the day her wedding date is finalized, till the wedding day arrives. Everyone in the family wants to make this journey special for her especially her parents, siblings and close friends; they all want to shower her with love and care. The beautiful bride to be glows with all the affection she gets from her family. Nowadays most of the brides or their family members celebrate the moments just before the big day as bridal shower. On this celebratory day all near and dear ones, close friends get together and ‘shower’ her with gifts for her new home and life.

How did Bridal Shower originate?

Once there was a wealthy man who had a lovely daughter. She fell in love with a kind hearted poor young man. The boy was denied girl’s hand for marriage by the father. But the girl despite of his father’s resentment decided to marry that young man and on hearing this, her father denied her of all family wealth. Seeing the plight of the couple the entire town gathered and gifted them things to build up their new life.  The father felt ashamed and then threw a lavish party for his daughter and invited everyone from the town and gifted a house to her.

Hosting a Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower is typically a relaxing day for the bride from her busy wedding shopping schedule. The entire family is involved in the preparations of this event. This celebration is generally done couple of weeks before the marriage. It is a well planned event hosted in the honor of the bride, everything from venue, list of guests, food menu, guidelines for gifts, theme of the party, return gifts for the guests, to the bridal shower invites. Nowadays most of the bridal showers are held in restaurants or pubs and therefore one has to make bookings well in advance.

Bridal Shower Invitation

Invitation cards for Bridal Shower need not be formal they typically carry the name of the bride in whose honor the party is being held and details about date, venue and time. The hostess name and RSVP details are also mentioned in the end. In case there is a theme than the details about that should also be enclosed for the guests to be dressed up accordingly. There are many options available in the market from hand-made paper to laser cut and designer cards. These awesome bridal shower cards add more fun element to the celebration and are so attractive that will keep the guests spell bound.

Some Do’s and don’ts of Bridal Shower


  1. Avoid involving the bride in all the preparation and make it as a pleasant surprise for her.
  2. Do not invite guests who are not invited for the wedding so as to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.
  3. Avoid using social media for invitations there are plenty of options for printed bridal shower invitations.
  4. Plan beforehand and do not leave anything for the last moment so as not to spoil the fun.



  1. Always ask the bride for her preferences about what she likes and how she wants to celebrate.
  2. Send the bridal shower invites well in advance so that the guests can arrange to come and of course have time to plan for a gift.
  3. The venue should be the foremost thing which should be finalized before anything else and should be booked in advance.
  4. Set a reasonable budget and request all bride’s friends to pitch in the preparations
  5. Last but not the lease have fun and make the bride feel special.

Choose from beautiful and elegant theme based cards by D’OR invitations

A bridal shower card has to be unique and elegant at the same time. Most of the bridal shower celebrations are theme based and choosing a card which will suit your theme can be a task in itself. With D’OR invitations one can easily find a suitable option with their range of theme based invitation cards. The cards are exclusive and are beautifully crafted by their designers. One can even personalize the card as per the requirement of the ceremony. So look no further just visit the website and choose from the array of options available for invitation cards and make this celebration an extra special one which will go down the memory lane for the entire family.

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