Advanced Printing Technology That You Can Match With Your Indian Wedding Card Design

The excitement of wedding celebrations in India always goes through the rooftop! Yes it’s a fact that people in all parts of India spend tremendous energy, time, and money on the wedding celebrations. While the parents of the would-be couple remain busy in making the arrangements, the relatives spend their time on shopping and getting ready for the grand gala event! However, it all begins from the distribution of the wedding cards.

Wedding invitations are the prime mode of informing your guests that there is a marriage ceremony in your family. Even the selection of wedding card takes a lot of effort, and the journey begins with the selection of traditional and also unique Indian wedding card designs online. The choice definitely depends on the elder members of the family, particularly the parents of the would-be bride or groom. No doubt, when picking the design, the most crucial thing that remains in mind is to impress the guests.

Indian Invitations Card Online

Indian Invitations Card Online

How to add more beauty to Indian marriage card design?

Yes, people spend a good amount of money on the wedding cards mainly to impress their guests, which in turn certainly adds to their social status. This is the reason why people in India do not mind spending a good amount of money on lavishly designed and decorated wedding cards. Since technology has developed quite significantly, now there are a myriad of options available for the customers. In fact, the printing technology used in the wedding card can completely transform its appearance from a normal to an extraordinary one.

The printing technology available these days are capable of developing affordable and awesome Indian wedding card designs for the customers. There are numbers of printing jargon related to wedding invite cards, and it is vital to know about them, if you want to pick the most apt option. So, take a look below:
Blind embossing– The effect you can obtain through embossing can be quite a charm for your wedding card. In this process, the effect is obtained without making use of any sort of ink and foil. Characters as well as illustrations are usually not colored, but quite heightened. For this reason, the feel you get during reading the wedding card can be quite different from the conventional ones. Basically, the effect of blind embossing is applied in monograms and borders. For the texts, embossing will not be a good idea, as it would get tough to read the words.
Die- This method features metallic equipment having etched out designs. The designs are usually pictures, and hence the effect it renders is quite unique from the rest. Die-cutting is the method of cutting different paper patterns, and they are basically used with envelopes. In this process, a die which looks quite similar to a big hole puncher, having the ability to cut papers with great precision is utilized.
Electronic print– In this method, tiny dots is used for creating graphics and words. From the view point of result generated, this system is quite similar to that of computer printer which you use at your home. However, electronic print renders really high quality print. But, this method is more apt for wedding cards that contain thinner sheets. So, if you want to use thin paper type, such as vellum, then this printing technology can make your Indian marriage invitations design more charming.

What to pick for your best Indian wedding cards in USA and other countries?
No matter if you are in need of Indian wedding invitation USA suppliers or in some other country in the world, the quick delivery and professional services of online suppliers have definitely made things easier for the customers. Many online suppliers are ready in the web world to cater to your needs, by offering customized Indian wedding cards at affordable rates.
Once you gain more idea about the different printing technologies available, you can simply choose the one according to the paper type you have selected. D’or Invitations is one such supplier and its website contains some of the best Indian wedding cards templates. You can add or subtract elements from the wedding cards as per your taste and budget concerns. Once finalized, simply place the order and get the delivery in a matter of just few days. So, check them out @

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