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Start a joyous affair with designs of wedding cards to choose from

Sikh Punjabi Wedding

Weddings are joyous affairs that start with sending expressively designed invites to the friends and relatives. The regality of the event reflects in the exquisite design of the wedding invitation card expressing beauty and elegance through their range of styles put together on an exclusive piece of paper. Talking about styles of weddings, Punjabis are known for their exuberant style weddings. Famously known are their wedding cards splashed with bold colors, vivacious patterns and hues. Their cards are famously highlighted with motifs and symbols like dancers, palanquin or religious symbols. Reflecting their personal styles the Punjabi wedding cards have variety…
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  An excellent printing quality boosts the looks and the value of Indian wedding stationaries

In earlier days, printing was unknown and concealed to the people as most of the people were illiterate and hence had inadequate knowledge about reading and writing. But with the invention of latest technologies, now-a-days printing has become much more attainable to the people of all age groups. Though home printing may be adequate for personal use, but the scenario is completely different for the people who wants to use printing services to market their business. Businesses always demand some top-notch quality printing products which can easily help to proliferate their business and growth. A unique and spectacular looking wedding…
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One language or Bilingual Indian Wedding & Invitation card

Through a bilingual invitation card, we can eloquently manage a multilingual wedding ceremony In any part of the world, marriages are celebrated like grand affairs and every part of it has many traditional elements. A typical wedding embraces with a series of colourful and elaborate rituals which are not only enjoyable but also have some inner meaning and hence plays a significant role for nuptial life. All rituals that are related to marriage are very spellbinding & consequential and it provides ample opportunities to every one so that they can spend some quality time with their loved ones. So, a…
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Pay Special Attention to Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Pay Special Attention to Wedding Invitation Etiquette: They Are Indeed Important When it comes to an occasion which is as special as your wedding, everything needs to be perfect. The food, decorations, even the wedding invites need to be absolutely perfect and tailor made for the occasion. Distributing wedding invitations to the guests may look like a relatively simple affair, but in reality there are many aspects related to it which needs proper attention. And in this if you forget to follow simple rules and etiquette, it may not go down well with your guests. Wedding invitation etiquette are many…
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Select The Best In Class Wedding Stationery For The Perfect Wedding

Wedding is a very important occasion in the life of an individual and as such, it deserves the best of everything. Weddings demand months of planning and preparation, just to make sure nothing goes wrong on that special day. Wedding stationery is very important for any wedding, just as much important as the wedding invites themselves. Some common examples of wedding stationery are table cards, name cards, direction cards or route maps, personalized stamps, envelope seals, itinerary, RSVP cards, etc. While the wedding cards carry the actual invitation, the wedding stationery furnishes the guests with additional information about the wedding…
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