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Wedding Venue Décor Ideas Matching With Hindu Wedding Cards Theme

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Hindu Marriages in India is not just about tying a knot, rituals, and blessings; rather it is a time when beautiful memories for life can be created. Usually, fathers of Hindu brides are very particular about the wedding arrangements; they want everything to be perfect in the daughter’s wedding. They wish guests to get impressed by the arrangements and to remember the wedding for many future years to come. One of the important aspects to be focused on for a Hindu wedding is the décor. As there are various events such as Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet and of course the wedding,…
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Wedding Card Wishes & Etiquettes

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Wedding Card Wishes & Etiquettes To Follow To Make The Card Special Is your marriage fixed? Is the date ready for the wedding? If you are nodding your head and your eyes are sparkling then a hearty congratulation to you. As soon as the D day is fixed one has to shop long to hunt for the he perfect Indian wedding card suiting the would-be-couple. After the design of the card is decided, you need to come home and spend some rough time thinking about what words have to be used in the card. In the circles of making decision…
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Wedding Cards in India to Make Your Guests Feel Special


Choose magnificent Wedding Cards in India to Make Your Guests Feel Special When it comes to organizing wedding in India, we spend a lot of energy and time in order to make the wedding event special and memorable for life. And most of the times, we tend to overlook the guests while we are in the process of planning and arranging different things. The guests are mainly invited to bless the couple and participate in the various wedding ceremonies. But the question which arises is- how to make the guests feel respected and at comfort when they arrive at your…
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Essence Of Hindu Wedding Cards Designs Through Its Traditions

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Understanding The Essence Of Hindu Wedding Cards Designs Through Its Traditions Marriages in India are like grand affairs, and every part of it has many traditional elements. Hindu wedding ceremonies in India are something that attracts thousands of westerners every year. They want to witness the spiritual side of a typical Hindu wedding ceremony, which is backed by numerous rituals and customs. The traditional aspects of Hindu wedding ceremonies are so strong that you can sense the same right through their wedding cards. The wedding cards associated with the Hindu wedding ceremonies are bold, colorful, and of course religious in…
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Ultra Modern Trends And Creative Ideas In Indian Wedding Cards 2016!


Booking a wedding venue, selecting a florist, picking up a caterer- all these preparations of a wedding are synonymous to headaches. Among all the important task, the biggest on the check off list comes is the distribution of wedding invites. Purchasing wedding outfits and deciding menu can be done even few weeks before the due date, but creating and sending off the cards on time can be a big reduction of weight from the shoulders. It is always said that first impressions must be the best in every scenario, the same applies to Indian wedding cards as well. Guests are…
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Traditional Punjabi Ceremonies Covered In The Punjabi Wedding Cards

A Sikh wedding or Punjabi wedding pulls in a great amount of curiosity amongst the guests and the simple reason behind it is a fun filled week. Punjabis are often asked about various ceremonies and rituals of the wedding. There are a lot of rituals which make the Punjabi wedding complete. A traditional Punjabi wedding is not just a blend of grandness, dances, show offs and glamour, but there are simple values attached to every ceremony making it special in every way. Irrespective of the country where Punjabis live, the ceremonies are not twisted or turned. They are performed in…
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Tips To Note Down! For Islamic Wedding Cards Templates

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Tips To Note Down! Before Looking For Islamic Wedding Cards Templates . India being a land of diverse culture and many religions, the wedding ceremonies in this country showcase various traditions and colors of joy. You would always find some kind of dissimilarity among the wedding ceremonies of different religions, such as Hindu wedding, Islamic wedding, Sikh wedding, etc. If you want to experience a wedding ceremony featuring rich and royal attributes then Muslim wedding ceremonies is the best option perhaps. From the rich and delicious food items to the grand décor, everything about the Islamic wedding arrangements is quite…
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Hiring a Wedding Planner is a good idea

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Hiring a Wedding Planner is a good idea to make the event much more convenient Is your daughter’s wedding on cards? Tensed? Did you give a thought over wedding planner? Well, professional planner can be a wise decision to make as experts in wedding arrangements have idea and experience to make the event successful. Right from the menu options to managing décor, from having creative wedding card designs to the outfit of bride and groom, they shall make out everything flawlessly. A lot of people pass up the idea of hiring professionals for wedding events to save their pockets, but…
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Let the lives of couples be a celebration & the wedding card be a symbol.

The traditional Indian wedding is not only about bride and groom but also about two families being brought together. It’s about coming closer and accepting the values and beliefs that each other beholds and making this gesture of togetherness a celebration. The Indian Marriage Card is definitely the first and a visible symbol of it. Indian wedding invitation card designs are such that they make themselves memorable in their own unique way and these cards reflect the rich culture and customs of India. The wedding customs and traditions Wedding in all religions are identical when we talk about the feelings…
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Superlative Designs Chosen For Gujarati Wedding Invitations


Indian is a country known for being multifarious based on religions and cultures and more. The weddings in the country are uniquely celebrated and are specific to the state and community. For instance, Gujarati weddings come from Gujarat which is specially known for Navrati, Garba and Jabeli Phapda. Gujarati weddings are vibrant, rich and colourful; it doesn’t matter whether they are celebrated in India or in United States. The Gujaratis love their traditions and culture and make sure nothing is forgotten. Wedding celebration of Gujaratis start a week ahead of the wedding date, a lot of pre wedding rituals are…
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